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Google Pixel 6 Fold coming soon?

Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Google)

Up until now, we haven't heard much about the upcoming Google Pixel 6. However, new rumors are suggesting that we could be seeing a foldable version of the handset launch at some point this year. This is intriguing, as Google has already developed the software that runs on all Android foldables, so you could argue that Google is in the perfect position to develop a great foldable camera phone.

Other interesting rumors (taken from Android 12 developer preview code) include the suggestion that the Google Pixel 6 could support face unlock, under-display fingerprint scanning and that we could have an XL version of the Pixel 6.

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However, as reported by BGR, Google has had previous difficulties in producing pitch-perfect Pixels, with each generation featuring an issue that consumers have had to grapple with. Some of these were even hardware-related, which meant that the problems couldn't be fixed with a software update. 

As we know from the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, creating a fully functional foldable camera phone is quite a feat. After design issues caused the foldable screen to quickly degrade, Samsung hastily redesigned the handset to attempt to eradicate the issues and relaunched the phone. However, it wasn't until the follow-up Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched that we saw a "fully baked" foldable from the camera phone manufacturer.

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Interestingly, Tech website TheElec is reporting that Google will be sourcing its foldable OLED panels from Samsung. Apparently this panel will be around 7.6" in size. This would seem to suggest that Samsung's focus on its initial foldable phone teething problems will have paid off – especially since TheElec reports that both Oppo and Xiaomi will also be sourcing their foldable panels from Samsung as well.

At present, there aren't any further details on the Google Pixel 6 (Fold?). However, now that we've begun to see some initial rumors, there's no doubt that we'll hear more soon…

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