$49,900 Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T/2.9 lens available from 28 January

Fujifilm Cine Lens
(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm announced the Fujinon 19-45mm T/2.9 lens back in September 2020, but we didn't have a formal release date until now. This hotly anticipated cinema lens will be officially available to purchase from 28 January.

The Fujinon 19-45mm is a wide angle zoom lens developed with large-format cinema cameras, such as the ARRI Alexa Mini LF, in mind. The lens can cover sensors with an image projection circle of up to 46.3mm in addition to more commonly used Super35 cine cameras, making the 19-45mm T/2.9 compatible with a wider range of cine cameras.

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With this latest addition, Fujifilm's Premista cine range of lens now consists of three zoom lenses in total. These include the Fujinon 19-45mm T/2.9 lens, the 28-100mm T/2.9 lens and the 80-250mm T/2.9-3.5 lens. The addition of this new 19-45mm lens essentially creates a trinity of lenses for Fujifilm's cinema range of lenses. The new lens is designed to offer creatives a wider angle of view, while still retaining the zoom capabilities of the previous Premista lenses.

Key Specifications

Focal Length - 19 to 45mm 
Image Circle - 46.3 mm 
Maximum T-Stop - T/2.9 
Minimum T-Stop - T/22 
Iris Blades - 13 
Focus Rotation - 280° 
Iris Rotation - 48° 
Zoom Rotation - 120° 
Electronic Communication - Yes 
Length - 9.06" / 230 mm 
Weight - 7.28 lb / 3.3 kg

Some of the key benefits of the Premista range is that they're designed to offer the quality of highly calibrated prime lenses, but with additional zoom functionality as well. Prime lenses in general tend to produce better looking bokeh and are more effective in controlling aberrations and distortions, but the Fujinon 19-45mm is designed to do this too. 

The Fujinon 19-45mm lens is described as being able to produce natural and beautiful looking bokeh, edge–to–edge sharpness and neutral, accurate color tone. All of these aspects means that the Fujinon 19-45mm lens could potentially replace the need for having several prime lenses – a useful proposition for run–and–gun shooters. 

The Fujinon 19-45mm T/2.9 lens contains 13 aperture blades to help keep bokeh looking smooth and beautiful even when stopped down. This cinema lens from Fujifilm is currently available to pre-order for $49,900.

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