14 photo editing tips and tricks every landscape photographer must know

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    Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 11 Make a surreal scene

    Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 11 Make a surreal scene

    If you’re into Photoshop montage, then a simple landscape base image can prove useful as a backdrop for a huge range of surreal subjects.

    This is something we see time and time again: a plain shot of grass, concrete or any other textured surface that recedes into the distance, eventually meeting a hazy horizon and moody sky. It’s an effective mood-setter, and they are surprisingly easy to make.

    Make a surreal scene  Make a surreal scene  Make a surreal scene

    To make it, we opened the three ‘surreal’ images (sky, carpark, and tree) then made a rectangular selection of the car park. Next, copy and paste it onto the sky image and position it over the bottom.

    Add a Layer Mask and plot a black to white gradient on it to blend the land and sky together.

    Next, make a new layer then plot a white to transparent reflected gradient over the horizon to add a misty effect.

    Lower the layer opacity to suit, then cut out and drop in any other image elements you like, such as our tree here.

    PAGE 01 Master HDR
    PAGE 02 Blend raw exposures
    PAGE 03 Combine several photos into panoramas
    PAGE 04 Reveal more detail with Layer Masks
    PAGE 05 Control the tonal range
    PAGE 06 How to make light rays
    PAGE 07 Use Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush
    PAGE 08 Use Selective Adjustments
    PAGE 09 How to use focus stacking
    PAGE 10 Make a ‘Dotscape’
    PAGE 11 Make a surreal scene
    PAGE 12 Light painting
    PAGE 13 The key to editing in black and white
    PAGE 14 Raw tonal control


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