The professional photographer’s camera bag: a landscape pro’s most trusted gear

    | Landscape | Photography Tips | 17/02/2013 02:00am

    What are the must have items in a professional photographer’s camera bag? Top landscape photography pro Adam Burton reveals his most trusted equipment.

    Most landscape photographers have a tripod and perhaps a set of filters they like to use, but if you’re a professional photographer working everyday in some of the world’s toughest landscapes you probably have a set of accessories that you rely on to get the look that’s come to define your style.

    Of course it’s not just the gear, but how you use it, and in this photography cheat sheet John tells us why each piece of equipment is vital, and how he uses it.

    To see the larger version of this cheat sheet, click on the infographic or drag and drop it to your desktop.

    The professional photographer's camera bag: a landscape pro's most trusted gear


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