Landscape photography ideas for taking dramatic pictures of the sea

Shoot Like A Pro: Landscape photography ideas for dramatic pictures of the sea

The changing nature of the tide and weather can make or break your coastal landscapes. As our Shoot Like A Pro series on landscape photo ideas continues, this week we take a look at how 
to capture stunning pictures of the sea that reflect its differing moods… 

Shoot Like A Pro: Landscape photography ideas for dramatic pictures of the sea

Shoot in the mist
Shooting by the sea, you’ll often find the weather doesn’t always provide ‘perfect’ fluffy clouds or stunning sunsets.

Thick mist or fog can be pretty common in coastal landscapes, and it’s tempting to pack up and go home in these conditions.

However, it’s often worth persevering to get some really atmospheric results.

As with shooting snow-covered winter landscapes, when fog or heavy mist covers a scene, it’s common for the camera to produce under-exposed images, making your shots look even more dark and murky.

This is because the fog is mostly white or light grey, so you’ll need to set your camera’s Exposure Compensation to around +1 to get the correct exposure. In fog or mist there’s often very little colour in the scene, so it’s perfect for shooting in black and white to make the most of this monochrome subject.

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