Winter landscape photography: how to compose and expose any scene

    | Landscape | Photography Tips | 26/10/2012 16:56pm

    Winter landscape photography offers a particular set of challenges that can spoil the efforts of even the most seasoned of photographers. Even the best landscape photography tips often can’t prepare you for how to deal with extreme contrast and highly reflective surfaces. We’re hoping our latest photography cheat sheet can change all that.

    With winter well on its way, soon our landscape photography ideas will be shifting from autumn towards winter landscape photography.

    Our new winter landscape photography cheat sheet presents four handy flowcharts which take you step-by-step through how to compose for winter landscapes, and then how to fine tune your exposure for snow, extreme contrast and bright skies.

    To see the larger version of our winter landscape photography cheat sheet, click the infographic below to expand the file. Otherwise drag and drop it to your desktop.

    Winter landscape photography cheat sheet: how to compose and expose any scene


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