Landscape photo ideas: clever ways to shoot flat, lowland terrain

Landscape Photo Ideas

As our Shoot Like A Pro series continues, we move on from our month of outdoor portrait photography tips to a new month of looking at some of exciting, new landscape photography tips for taking pictures in a range of different settings. This week we take a look at how to get creative with lowland terrain.

Landscape Photo Ideas: clever ways to shoot flat, lowland terrain

Think about classic landscapes and you may have visions of majestic mountains or dramatic coasts, but it’s likely that the most accessible locations for you are fields, hedgerows and scruffy common land.

The lack of drama in your locality doesn’t mean you need to head straight for the hills or travel to the coast though, because there are plenty of ways you can get great results in all sorts of locations.

You just need to work a little harder to make a dramatic or eye-catching image in a lowland location.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to transform your landscape shots is to get creative with slow shutter speeds. This will enable you to either blur any movement in the subject, or move the camera itself for even more abstract results.

You’ll need to use a shutter speed of around 0.5 sec or slower to blur most landscape subjects, which can be hard to achieve in bright conditions.

Even using the smallest aperture and lowest ISO won’t allow you to use such slow shutter speeds, so you’ll need a lens filter to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor.


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