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The best monitor stands in 2022: improve your desk ergonomics cheaply and easily

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Best monitor stands
(Image credit: Vivo)

It's essential to get the right posture when you're spending hours each day home working, and the best monitor stands can help. Also called monitor risers, these simple mini tables are similar to laptop stands and sit on your desk, elevating your monitor by a few inches so the top edge of the display becomes level with your eyeline. This in turn helps you sit up, resulting in a straighter back and hopefully less chance of back pain developing from sitting hunched over. 

It's a very handy ergonomic benefit if your monitor's own stand lacks height adjustment. You could overcome that problem by swapping out your monitor's existing stand with a more adjustable monitor arm, but that's more complicated than simply raising your monitor on a monitor stand.

What's more, a monitor stand helps you reclaim a little extra desktop space underneath it - useful for sliding your keyboard and mouse under when it's not in use, or just tucking away a notebook, snacks, or other work essentials. Some stands even packs small in-built drawers and pots for additional oddment storage, while others can feature USB ports for smart device charging.

For the ultimate in monitor stands, go for a standing desk monitor riser. These not only lift your monitor, but your keyboard and mouse too, converting your regular desk into a standing desk. This makes for the best possible ergonomic posture.

The best monitor stands in 2022

(Image credit: Huanuo)

1. Huanuo Monitor Stand

The best monitor stand, and also one of the cheapest!

Height: 9-14cm
Platform size: 37x23.6cm
Platform material: Metal
Weight limit: 20kg
Reasons to buy
+Appealing price+Three height options+Vented mesh platform
Reasons to avoid
-Bland design

It’s no secret that all a monitor stand really needs to do is lift up your monitor, and you don’t need to spend big bucks to achieve something that simple. This 37 x 23.6cm platform is plenty large enough for most monitors, and its 44lb/20kg weight capacity is also more than sufficent to support any screen. What’s more, despite being a budget stand, you even get three levels of height adjustment (9, 12 & 14cm). The powder-coated steel platform incorporates perforated mesh holes – ideal if you’ll be using this stand for your laptop, as it allows cooling air to pass through to any vents in the laptop's base.

(Image credit: Uncaged Ergonomics)

2. Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Adjustable Monitor Stand

The best monitor stand for ergonomics

Height: 5-46cm
Platform size: 46x28cm
Platform material: Metal
Weight limit: 5.9kg
Reasons to buy
+Amazing height range+Tilt adjustable+Great for monitor or laptop
Reasons to avoid
-Low weight capacity

If you’re after maximum possible height adjustability for your monitor, then look no further. Thanks to its scissor leg design, this stand is adjustable from a minimum 5cm height up to a towering 46cm. The top can also be tilted forward – particularly useful if you’ll be using the stand to support a laptop rather than a monitor. Inevitably for such a adjustable design, total payload is less than a fixed riser table at 5.9kg, but that’s still enough to support most smaller monitors, and pretty much any laptop. The 46 x 28cm platform size is also a very practical size.

(Image credit: Klearlook)

3. Klearlook Foldable Monitor Stand with USB 3.0 Hub

Best when using multiple devices

Height: 8cm
Platform size: 42-52cm x 20cm
Platform material: Plastic
Weight limit: 50kg
Reasons to buy
+Variable platform width+USB fast charging+Integrated phone/tablet cradle
Reasons to avoid
-Not height adjustable-Plastic finish

This monitor stand has it all. For starters, you can adjust its width to suit the space available on your desk by folding one or both legs inwards, giving you the choice between 16.53-inch, 18.5-inch, 20.47-inch stand widths. What’s more, the stand also packs a USB hub containing two USB 3.0 Type A ports, and a single Type C port, with the latter supporting 18W fast charging. This is particularly useful as right alongside the USB ports is a pull-out cradle that you can use to support a phone or tablet, right underneath your monitor in the perfect place for ergonomic visibility. Alongside this is a neatly concealed slim drawer ideal for storing pens, memory cards or USB flash drives. Despite the folding leg design, this is still a strong stand, boasting a huge weight capacity of up to 50kg.

(Image credit: Vivo)

4. VIVO Stand Up Height Adjustable 32 inch Desk Riser

Instantly convert your regular desk into a standing desk

Height: 11.5-50.8cm
Platform size: 80cm x 40cm
Platform material: Wood (MDF)
Weight limit: 15kg
Reasons to buy
+Superb ergonomic lift+Raises your keyboard and mouse too+Huge, versatile platform size
Reasons to avoid
-Not cheap, but still good value-Bulky and heavy

Raising your monitor using a basic monitor riser is a step in the right direction for ergonomics, but getting out of your desk chair and standing up is even better for your posture. A standing desk is ideal for this, but they can be pricey, and take up precious office space. But help is at hand, as this clever riser sits on your regular desk, just like any other monitor stand, but can lift up extra high, effectively creating a standing desk. Thanks to its clever lifting concertina scissor mechanism and gas lift strut, this stand can lift from 4.5 inches height (ideal for sitting), right up to 20 inches so you can stand in front of it and use your computer as normal. The integrated keyboard and mouse tray rises in sync with the monitor platform, and at 31.5 x 15.7 inches, the top surface is spacious enough to rest a large monitor and laptop alongside.

(Image credit: Duronic)

5. Duronic Monitor Stand DM051

The best monitor for uneven desks

Height: 11-12.5cm
Platform size: 63x25cm
Platform material: Glass
Weight limit: 40kg
Reasons to buy
+Sturdy yet stylish+Versatile platform size+Adjustable feet
Reasons to avoid
-Very small height range

The standout feature with this monitor stand are its legs, which are height adjustable, so even if your desk isn’t perfectly flat, you can get a perfectly stable and level base for your screen. The height of each leg can be adjusted by up to 1.5cm, giving a platform height of between 11cm and 12.5cm, and each leg is finished with a non-slip rubber pad. The 63x25cm tinted tempered glass top gives a sleek, modern look, and it’s rated to support a whopping 40kg of load – enough for any typical flatscreen display or laptop.

(Image credit: Duronic)

6. Duronic Monitor Stand DM06-2

Best monitor stand for a dual-screen set-up

Height: 16cm
Platform size: 82cm x 30cm
Platform material: Wood (MDF)
Weight limit: 10kg
Reasons to buy
+Wide enough for 2 monitors+Decent height+Stylish design
Reasons to avoid
-Not big enough for dual 27" screens-Fixed height-Mediocre weight capacity

At 82cm wide, this stout wooden stand is big enough to support two 24-inch widescreen monitors side by side, a laptop and a standalone monitor alongside, or a total weight up to 10kg. Height is fixed at 16cm, but that’s enough for an appreciable lift in monitor height, and creates enough space underneath for smaller desk essentials, or to tuck your keyboard and mouse away when not in use.

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