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Panicking about Christmas? An Amazon gift card is perfect for photographers

Amazon gift card
(Image credit: Amazon)

"An Amazon gift card? But isn't that a giant cop-out?" You might say, as you frantically scour the web for the perfect present for the photographer in your life. Au contraire, friend! Speaking as a self-admitted incredibly picky receiver of gifts, a gift card is actually the holy grail of presents. Traditional gifts can be well-intentioned, but if you're not intimately familiar with the receiver's camera bag, then you could end up duplicating what they already have. 

On the other hand, cold hard cash can seem pretty tempting at first, but it's far too easy for it to disappear on essentials such as rent, food or bills. Getting a gift card for the photographer in your life means that they know they've got a spare bit of cash waiting for exactly the right moment – and they know that the money can't be frittered away on something else in the meantime. 

An Amazon gift card is one of the best gifts for photographers, as Amazon offers a wide selection of camera gear from the best tripods, to the best camera bags.

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Amazon gift cards for photographers

Amazon gift card | $1 to $2,000
An Amazon gift card can be spent on anything your friend or family member desires. If they've been saving up for a new camera, Amazon tends to have the best price on the majority of models anyway, so their gift card will help chip a little more off. View Deal

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