My job is reviewing monitors: here are the monitor deals I'd choose this Prime Day

Prime Day monitor deals 2023
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Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale is now on featuring stunning deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Now the event is underway, we have seen a lot of amazing deals, with some of the very best being on computer monitors. The sheer choice of monitor deals can be overwhelming, but we've done the hard work and narrowed the selection down to what we think represents the best value at a range of price points, from sub £100 shoestring-budget options, through mid-range bargains, right up to curved ultrawide monsters and premium colour-critical displays.

We've prioritized image quality across the board, and for the most part selected IPS-based LCD screens, as their enhanced colour and contrast consistency versus other LCD types is a must for accurate image or video editing. Some deals may seem temptingly cheap, but on closer inspection, they're not all that great and so we've not included them: screens with lower-than-average resolutions being typical examples, as these would result in a blocky, pixelated image, and are a false economy when superior, higher-res displays cost only marginally more.

But regardless of which deals catch your eye, remember, they only last until the end of 11th October, so don't miss out! For more Prime deals, check out our main Prime Day deals hub - it's packed full of the most amazing bargains.

MSI PRO 15.6" portable monitor|

MSI PRO 15.6" portable monitor|was £129|now £108.98
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £20.02
Extend your laptop's display with this hassle-free portable monitor from a respected brand. A single USB-C connection with Power Delivery is all you need, and you'll be rewarded with Full HD crispness and IPS colour and contrast consistency.

AOC 24" monitor|

AOC 24" monitor|was £109.99|now £74.97
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £35.02
Need a cheap second screen to accompany your laptop? 24-inch Full HD monitors don't get much cheaper than this - what a stunning Prime Day bargain!

Iiyama 24" monitor|

Iiyama 24" monitor|was £124.97|now £99.99
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £24.98
This isn't the cheapest 1080p 24" monitor, but it is is based around an IPS LCD panel, so you're getting superior colour and contrast consistency - a must for accurate image editing. At £100, it's great value.

AOC 27" 4K monitor|

AOC 27" 4K monitor|was £279.99|now £189.99
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £90
A 27-inch, 4K monitor for less than £200! It's even an IPS panel, so you're getting that all-important colour and contrast consistency for accurate image editing. Without doubt, this is the best Prime Day monitor deal of them all. Don't miss out!

BenQ PD2705U 27" 4K monitor|

BenQ PD2705U 27" 4K monitor|was £429.99|now £349.99
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £80
You can get cheaper 27" monitors this Prime Day (see above), but this one is tailored specifically for discerning image/video editors. Features like 99% sRGB and 99% Rec.709 colour coverage, plus factory colour calibration to an accuracy of Delta E <3, easily justify the price.

LG 32UN88AP 32" 4K monitor|

LG 32UN88AP 32" 4K monitor|was £599.99|now £429.99
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £170
Not so long ago a 32" 4K IPS monitor would have cost a fortune, but not any more. This LG screen also displays an impressive 95% of the DCI-P3 colour space and has HDR10 certification, so it's ideal for videographers.

Dell S3422DW 34" curved ultrawide monitor|

Dell S3422DW 34" curved ultrawide monitor|was £419.99|now £349
Amazon Prime Deal - SAVE £70.99
There's nothing quite like an ultrawide monitor for gaming immersion or side-by-side multitasking. Amazon has lots of Prime Day deals on 34" curved ultrawides, but after close scrutiny we think this is the best value.

Ben Andrews

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