Lomography's new 35mm Beach Edition cameras with flash are super cute!

Lomography Acapulco Beach Edition La Sardina and Fisheye No.2 Cameras
(Image credit: Lomography)

Vacations just got even more groovy with these super-cute, beach design-inspired 35mm cameras from experimental photography brand, Lomography. Designed with unique deckchair fabric, cut from a different piece of cloth and totally exclusive, no two cameras in Lomography's new Acapulco Beach Edition range are the same.

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These new Mexican beach-ready bodies are not only aesthetically amazing, but each one has its own unique style of photography. The La Sardina Acapulco Caleta camera comes with the Fritz the Blitz flash and offers ultra wide-angle snaps. The Fisheye No.2 Acapulco La Quebrada camera, on the other hand, has a built-in flash and boasts an incredible 170° circular fisheye view.

Available now from Lomography's online store, and selected retailers, the La Sardina Acapulco Caleta  camera is ideal for taking to the beach and on vacation for unpredictable holiday snaps, priced at $119 / £109 /AU$129. 

Able to capture portraits of friends, as well as the tranquil azure waters and scenic cliff views with its ultra-wide-angle lens and experimental MX exposure switch and rewind dial for mix-and-match snaps.

The Fisheye No.2 Acapulco La Quebrada camera (Image credit: Lomography)

The Fisheye No.2 Acapulco La Quebrada camera is also available for purchase now, priced at $69 / £69 / AU$79, and is estimated to begin international shipping from September. This camera has the ability to squeeze the entire beach into a shot with its 10mm focal length and fisheye lens. 

(Image credit: Lomography)

With a super-wide 170° field of view, and a powerful built-in flash sitting on the shoe, there's endless creative possibilities with this camera from long exposures at night to multiple exposures in the bulbous and fun spherical images that it creates.

Image from the Fisheye No.2 Acapulco La Quebrada camera (Image credit: Lomography)

Both cameras are able to shoot multiple exposures, perfect for experimentation, and being fixed at f/8 with a 1/100 shutter speed means that you don't have to worry about any technical settings (aside from choosing the ISO of your film) and can simply have fun shooting with these Lomography cameras.

Sample image from the La Sardina Acapulco Caleta camera and flash (Image credit: Lomography)

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