Is the Canon EOS R5 getting TWO replacements this year?

Canon EOS R5
(Image credit: Canon)

Will we see a Canon EOS R5 Mark II by the end of the year? The latest sources in the know are suggesting that we will, potentially alongside a new high-megapixel version of the EOS R5.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Canon is preparing the launch of the next version of the Canon EOS R5, its popular professional workhorse camera. These rumors were somewhat dampened by Canon releasing a huge update to the existing EOS R5, adding 400MP images and a raft of other quality-of-life updates for the camera earlier this year. 

Canon is not known for its massive updates, often saving up new features to make the next version of the camera more compelling. Technically, we can't see why all cameras with Canon's in-body image stabilization shouldn't be capable of increased megapixel images by adding pixel-shift technology, but Canon has so far only chosen to roll this out to the EOS R5. This suggests that Canon is still focused on making the current version of the EOS R5 appeal to any photographer who might have adopted a wait-and-see attitude for what comes next. 

However, according to the latest sources from Canon Rumors who claim they are familiar with Canon's plans for its upcoming lineup, Canon is still preparing to launch the Canon EOS R5 Mark II by the end of the year, and it will appear before the long-awaited Canon EOS R1 camera.

Whether this will be a major upgrade remains to be seen, however, with Canon Rumor's source also stating that an R5 Mark II would stick with a sensor size of around 45MP (the same as the current version). With Canon most likely saving its truly groundbreaking technology for the release of the EOS R1, it is not clear how much it would be willing to put into an R5 Mark II for the risk of spoiling its own party later.

Canon is no stranger to a minor upgrade however, with the Canon EOS R6 Mark II being a very iterative update over the original Canon EOS R6 (read more about the Canon R6 vs R6 Mark II). So this might just be that strategy repeating itself.

Additional buzz concerns a potential high-megapixel version of the Canon EOS R5, with sources suggesting that it would be a stills photography-focused camera and could have up to a native 80-megapixel sensor, but make sacrifices on its video skills. Canon has set a precedent for this in the past, in its DSLR range, launching a high-megapixel version of its Canon EOS 5D – the Canon EOS 5DS – for professional work such as studio photography and landscapes.

As always, take rumors with a pinch of salt. But should the manufacturer decide to launch one or both of these cameras then it is shaping up to be a very exciting Q4 for Canon fans.

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Gareth Bevan
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