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Canon EOS R7 set to be mirrorless replacement for Canon EOS 7D

Canon EOS R7
Canon EOS R7 mock-up (Image credit: Canon)

Rumors are beginning to circulate around a new Canon camera with an RF mount, currently dubbed with the unofficial moniker 'Canon EOS R7'. While all previous Canon RF cameras have been full frame, apparently the Canon EOS R7 could use an APS-C sensor. 

According to these rumors, the Canon EOS R7 is apparently undergoing testing in the field by a group of photographers. This means that we're likely to see this mysterious camera appear at some point in 2021 – and maybe even sooner rather than later. 

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Many in the industry are currently speculating that this Canon EOS R7 camera could be a mirrorless replacement for the Canon EOS 7D line. A previous rumor from Canon Watch suggested that Canon had no plans to replace the EOS 7D Mark II with another DSLR. However, we could definitely see Canon creating a mirrorless version of the EOS 7D II to attract pro photographers who want the reach of an APS-C sensor. 

According to Canon Watch, the Canon EOS R7 will have a similar build to the Canon EOS R6. Apparently, the specifications will also be similar as well. This means that the key difference between the EOS R6 and rumored EOS R7 might simply boil down to the sensor size. This could certainly be an attractive quality for wildlife and sports photographers who prefer using APS-C cameras for the longer reach.

Some photographers may wonder why Canon hasn't released an APS-C camera with the RF mount yet – especially considering that Nikon released the APS-C Nikon Z50. However, Canon also has its EOS M line-up, which is a range of APS-C mirrorless cameras. If Canon does end up releasing an APS-C RF mount camera, we can't help but wonder whether the EOS M series will come to a quiet end. 

We'll have to wait a little longer for official information from Canon. However, if the Canon EOS R7 is already in field testing, we wouldn't be surprised if the rumors begin to flow thick and fast in early 2021. 

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