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10 portrait photographers you should follow in 2021

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If you're a portrait photographer who's always looking for a little extra inspiration, then you've come to the right place. The new year is the perfect time to make some changes – even if it's just freshening up your Instagram feed! We've rounded up 10 portrait photographers that will inspire, educate and wow you all year round. 

Whether you love stylish editorial photography, nature-inspired self-portrait photography or other portrait photography niches, we're sure that you'll find some fresh inspiration below. We've got a fun mixture of well-known portrait photographers and some lesser known shooters with lots of creative potential. 

So, without any further ado, check out our favorite portrait photographers to follow in 2021 (in no particular order!)…

Portrait photographers to follow in 2021


If you love bright, punchy colors and surreal editing, then Natalia Seth from @escapingyouth should be right up your alley. Natalia self-shoots most of her imagery – but you would never be able to guess from the diverse range of images on her feed. Echoing photographic greats such as Cindy Sherman, Natalia transforms herself into a different colorful character with each shoot. 


If you've ever idly wished that you lived in a time period where it would be acceptable to go out wandering with a cloak and a candle-lit lantern, then @adventuringbeth is the Instagram account for you. Filled with dreamy shots of misty mornings and beautiful English countryside, you'll find yourself wandering whether you should wake up for a sunrise walk tomorrow morning (or you could keep nice and cozy and flick through Beth's feed instead). 


Excellent portraiture doesn't have to be bold, wacky colors or mysterious fog-filled vistas. Instead, it can be expertly crafted images that beautifully capture the subject's mood and beauty. We love Oscar's classic approach to his portrait photography – and we're sure many will find inspiration from his shots. 

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Woah, did we slip and fall into 1985? Nope, Oswaldo Cepeda is just a master of light and mood. We love his retro-inspired photography that makes the most out of the studio setting he's working in. 


If you can kindly excuse the blatant self-promotion, we would be remiss if we didn't throw in one of our own images into the mix. If you love classic English countryside self portraits mixed with rustic still life shots, then don't be shy – come and say hello!

(By the way – if you're curious about what kit I use, all of my images are shot on the Fujifilm X-T200, a cracking little camera that has great usability for such a low cost.)


Ronny Garcia is a portrait photographer that truly understands color theory – and you can see this in every image he posts. Each of Ronny's portraits are painstakingly edited to enhance the tones to perfection. Plus, Ronny will often post before and after images of his post-processing, which is the perfect opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain and see how he achieved his magic. 


If you've ever wondered what Renaissance paintings would look like if they were photographed in a modern-day studio, then Lauren Sheridan has the answer. Her impeccably crafted portraits mix romantic costumes and styling with studio lighting and careful post-processing. 


Featuring whimsical portraiture filled with nature and wild animals, Alexandra's work truly delivers a fairytale-like escapism for her followers. Her images show a deep love and respect of nature – and we adore every photo of hers that pops up on our feed.


We'll be straight with you, Katrina Yu hasn't updated her Instagram since May. However, it's worth scrolling through her incredible back catalogue of photos. Katrina self-shoots her own portraits and then uses her incredible editing prowess to transform them into amazing new worlds. 


As an editorial and commercial photographer, Emily Teague truly knows how to deliver impeccably crafted images. We love seeing her subtle, classic tones on the feed – not to mention her creative uses of props, styling and environment. If you love editorial portraiture, then you should definitely consider following Emily. 

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