Bridgestone unveils coastal landscape winner, final Sunset round

Bridgestone unveils coastal landscape winner, final Sunset round

The results are in and Stephen Milner has won the Coastal Landscape round of Bridgestone’s ongoing landscape photography competition.

The fourth round of the five-round contest drew some stunning entries, but judges were unanimous on choosing Stephen’s image of the coast in his home of Raglan, New Zealand.

Bridgestone unveils coastal landscape winner, final Sunset round

Image by Stephen Milner

Stephen emigrated to New Zealand from the UK in 2013, where he works for a development and project management consultancy that specialises in transforming peoples property ideas into reality.

“Landscape photography gives me the opportunity to get out and about, whilst exploring my home New Zealand, and it helps take my mind of work as sometimes it can be full-on,” Stephen says.

Stephen picked up his first camera in 2012, a Panasonic Lumix GX1, and spent a year reading photography books from his local library and working on his skills. He also started using a film camera.

“I found that by using a film camera I had to think more about my shots as I only had 36 exposures,” he says. However, he is now the proud owner of a Sony A7R, with a Carl Zeiss 25mm f/2 lens, which he used to take this shot.

“This picture was taken in my home town of Raglan, New Zealand, which is on the west coast of the north island,” he says. “The lookout is at the end of a short walk and looks north across Ngarunui Beach, which is adjacent to a famous bay amongst surfers due to its world-class left hand break – Manu Bay.

“I discovered this spot earlier on this winter day and decided to return for the sunset. Although the sunset was not spectacular it did provide some warm light over the coastline which revealed some interesting details and shadows.”

Craig Millard - Runner Up

Image by Craig Frazier Millard

The runner-up is Craig Frazier Millard, of Leicestershire. A Purchasing Manager by day, Craig’s striking sunset impressed the judges, who also loved the leading line created by the flight path of the silhouetted birds.

Introducing Round 5: Sunsets

Introducing Round 5: Sunsets

Bridgestone is now accepting entries for the fifth and final round of its competition. This month the theme is Sunsets.

As before, entries can be submitted via Bridgestone’s Facebook app before the closing date on 25 August.

The competition is open to UK-based photographers over age 18. You may enter as many images as you like to each round.

To enter, simply visit Bridgestone’s dedicated competition gallery on its Facebook page and upload your image(s) before the closing date on 25 August.

Click here to enter