14 photo editing tips and tricks every landscape photographer must know

14 photo editing tricks and tips every landscape photographer must know

Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 10 Make a ‘Dotscape’

Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 10 Make a 'Dotscape'

Conventional landscape photography can sometimes seem a little over-familiar, so why not use Photoshop to give your shots a different look, such as the ‘dotscape’ treatment above?

Owing a little to Damien Hirst and George Seurat, this  combination of pattern and filter effects turns a scene into a series of coloured dots, and looks great when printed large.

The Mosaic filter (Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic) reduces an image to a series of coloured squares. Apply this over your chosen image first. Find a cell size that works well for your image.

Essential photo editing tricks for landscapes: 10 Make a 'Dotscape'

Go to File>New and set the width and height to exactly the same number of pixels as the cell size, with Background Contents set to White.

Grab the Elliptical Marquee  tool and then draw a circular selection that touches the edges of the white square, then press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+I to invert it and Cmd/Ctrl+J to copy it to a new layer.

Now hide the Background layer, then go to Edit>Define Pattern. Go back to your main image and then go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern, hit OK and choose your newly created dot pattern.

For the finishing touch, simply increase the size of the canvas (Image>Canvas size) to make a white border.

PAGE 01 Master HDR
PAGE 02 Blend raw exposures
PAGE 03 Combine several photos into panoramas
PAGE 04 Reveal more detail with Layer Masks
PAGE 05 Control the tonal range
PAGE 06 How to make light rays
PAGE 07 Use Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush
PAGE 08 Use Selective Adjustments
PAGE 09 How to use focus stacking
PAGE 10 Make a ‘Dotscape’
PAGE 11 Make a surreal scene
PAGE 12 Light painting
PAGE 13 The key to editing in black and white
PAGE 14 Raw tonal control


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