Capture One Pro 7 review: should Phase One’s new software have Adobe worried?

Capture One Pro 7 review: should Phase One's new software have Adobe worried?

Image quality, reliability and speed are just three of Capture One Pro 7’s attributes. Is this latest photo editing software from Phase One an Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop killer? Find out in our Capture One Pro 7 review.

Capture One Pro 7 review: should Phase One's new software have Adobe worried?

Photoshop is not the only player in town. Enthusiasts and pros have other choices too, including Capture One Pro 7, the professional image capture, raw conversion and editing tool from Danish company Phase One.

Capture One Pro leads a dual life. It’s both a tethered capture tool for professional studio photographers and a high-quality raw converter that’s compatible with many professional- and enthusiast-level cameras.

Phase One doesn’t just make software, it also makes medium-format digital cameras, which can be used on their own or connected by cable to a computer running Capture One and controlled remotely.

You can do this with many Canon and Nikon DSLRs, although Live View may not be supported for all models.

Tethered capture isn’t the way most of us work, but it’s very popular in controlled studio environments, and drives the way Capture One looks, feels and works.

Up until version 7, it’s been based primarily around shooting ‘Sessions’. It’s not really designed for opening and editing single images in the way that Photoshop is; instead it’s meant for capturing and enhancing images in bulk, as you work.

Incidentally, there’s a clever Capture Pilot IOS app that enables you, or a client, to browse photos on an iPad, and you can even control the camera from the iPad, via your computer.

You can also use Capture One Pro 7 purely as a raw conversion/editing tool, and this is where it really shines. Phase One says the processing engine offers ‘dramatic’ improvements in detail rendition and colour.

Capture One Pro has always been good at extracting the maximum detail from raw files, but the results from this latest version are spectacular.

Capture One doesn’t just deliver finer, sharper edges at a pixel level, it does it with amazing clarity and contrast.

Small details stand out with a crispness that makes the original look hazy and soft. It does depend on the camera, however.

Capture One Pro 7 seems to unlock more potential in some models than others, and its high-ISO noise reduction can sometimes go a little too far.

More often than not, though, Capture One Pro will reveal a level of quality you never suspected your camera was capable of.

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