Best macro flash: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Five things to look for in a macro flash kit

    Five things to look for in a macro flash kit

    Does the macro flash you’re considering have all these features? Which ones can you live without?

    01 Ring of fire
    A complete circular ring of flash, rather than two diametrically opposed small tubes, is nice if you want to use the flash for portraiture as well as it adds circular catch-lights in the eyes.

    02 Left and right
    Independently adjustable brightness for left and right (or up and down) gives the option for more sophisticated lighting effects, with gentle shadows for a more three-dimensional look.

    03 Get fit
    A set of attachment rings enables the flash to be mounted easily to most lenses using their filter or ‘attachment’ threads.

    04 Onboard control
    A good selection of controls on the flash system itself makes adjustments easy to apply. Without these, good integration with the camera’s own menu for flash adjustments becomes vital.

    05 Dedication
    Full dedication for Nikon cameras allows advanced communication between the camera and flash system, for example enabling TTL (Through The Lens) flash metering for accurate automatic exposures.

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