Adobe Lightroom: everything you need to know about the ‘alternative Photoshop’

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    Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to make a slideshow

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    Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to make a slideshow

    Slideshows are a good way to showcase your photography, and you can either play them back on your own computer or export them in a format which you can send to other people.

    The Sideshow module offers a small selection of preset slideshow designs in the left-hand sidebar and, as usual with Adobe Lightroom, you can adapt these or create your own templates using the manual tools on the right.

    Bear in mind that if you save a new User Template, you’re only saving the slideshow layout, not the photos used in the slideshow.

    To save the whole production, you need to click the Create Saved Slideshow button at the top right of the main window. Your slideshow is then saved in the Collections panel on the left.

    Lightroom doesn’t offer a large array of different transitions and ‘themes’. It relies instead on a simple Fade effect, and you adjust the duration of each slide and the length of this fade effect in the Playback panel.

    The other panels – Options, Layout, Overlays, Backdrop and Titles are concerned mainly with the arrangement of photos within the slideshow window and the text to be displayed alongside.

    At the bottom of the left sidebar are two buttons. The Export PDF button produces a PDF version of the slideshow which will play back in Acrobat Reader on other people’s computers, though there won’t be any music and the slide durations will be constant.

    The Export Movie button produces a movie file which does include music and any other playback options you’ve chosen.

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