Landscape photo composition: free photography cheat sheet

Landscape photo composition

Photo composition is the key to all successful photography. Sure, you may be able to make sharp, well-exposed images with your camera every time, but if they’re poorly composed then they will have completely missed the mark.

But don’t beat yourself up over this. In fact, one of the big secrets of famous photographers is the fact that even they don’t get it right every time (hear them admit this for themselves: Famous Photographers – 225 tips to inspire you).

Photo composition is an acquired skill that we learn to fine tune as we build experience.  To help you along we’ve compiled the latest of our photography cheat sheet series: an infographic of 3 simple ways you can improve your photo composition to make your landscape images look better.

Simply drag and drop the infographic below on to your desktop and save it for the next time you need a helpful hand with your camera or even just some inspiration to help liven up your landscape photos (for on landscapes, see The 10 Commandments of Landscape Photography (and how to break them).

Landscape Photo composition: free photography cheat sheet


Free landscape photography cheat sheet
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