Elinchrom Five battery-powered monolight launched at Photography Show

Elinchrom stand at TPS 2022
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We caught up with The Flash Centre on stand F406 at The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, to get hands-on with some of their new products newly launched at the show.

The Flash Centre, which also distributes brands such as Tether Tools, Phottix, Frio, Benq, Spekular, and Hahnemule amongst others, showed us new products launched for the first time yesterday at TPS from Elinchrom, Stella Pro and Calibrite at this year's The Photography Show.

Elinchrom FIVE: battery-powered flash head

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This is our expert guide to the best photography lighting kits, and you're bound to find some Elinchrom kit in there.

Elinchrom has revealed the new battery-powered Elinchrom FIVE at The Photography Show. Head over to The Flash Centre’s stand F406 to get a first look at the high-powered 522 W/s monolight flash head. It runs off battery that can last for 82 watt-hours, or alternatively can be plugged into the mains if used indoors. It's claimed to fully charge via USB-C in an hour and a half and last for 450 full power flashes from a single charge, though we are yet to fully test it out.

It’s said to be color accurate within +50 or -50 Kelvins for super accurate colors and weighs 3Kg in total when the battery is attached. It features the Elinchrom mount to attach modifiers and accessories and is capable of TTL and HSS with a transmitter attached. A bi-color 27W LED modeling lamp is also built-in allowing users to get an idea of where the light is falling when shooting both stills and video making it an even more versatile light.

The Elinchrom Five is available to see exclusively at The Photography Show in the UK with a worldwide launch commencing next month, when it will retail for £1,619.

New Stella Pro Reflex and CLx10 lights

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Stella Pro revealed two new lights at The Photography Show, the Reflex and the more powerful CLx10. The Reflex is a small handheld light capable of delivering up to 6,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 12,000 lumens in Burst Mode with the battery handle. It's capable of instantly switching between digital and burst lighting and has an ultra-portable and rugged design weighing less than 2lbs so is ideal for weddings, action, sports and portraiture photography, and videography. It has a show discount of £87, so you can pick one up for £925 on stand F406.

The CLx10 is a bigger light with a built-in battery that can last up to 245 minutes and has an IP65 weatherproof rating making it great for rugged terrain and adventures in all weathers. The built-in RF receiver allows wireless control of any number of CLx10 lights from the wireless remote and has a high Output COB 'Chip on Board' LED. It has a special TPS price of £1,075, a saving of £237 so head over to stand F406 to check it out.

See our Stella Pro Reflex review

Calibrite Color Checker Passport Duo

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Calibrite showed us a new product the Color Checker Passport Duo which combines the best parts of the Classic Nano and Classic Mini Color Checkers for photo and video and will be a great all-in-one accessory for hybrid professionals that need the versatility and color accuracy for both still images and video footage, and works seamlessly with the Calibrite calibration apps like CC Profiler, CC Studio and the soon to be launched Calibrite Profiler software (more below). The Color Checker Passport Duo retails for £202.

New Calibrite Profiler app

Also on show was a demo of the new Calibrate Profiler software, an upgraded piece of software that combines the previous CC Profiler and CC Studio apps for a more streamlined workflow. It will run on the same Xrite engine and be a free upgrade for users of the Color Checker screen calibrators, though there will be a paid upgrade path for users of other Xrite screen calibration devices such as the Colormunki. More details on the Calibrite Profiler to be announced next month.

These are the best monitor calibrators you can get right now, and the best LED light panels – if you're after something a bit more portable.

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