Pinhole Pro X – world's first ever pinhole zoom lens smashes Kickstarter by 2,000%

Pinhole Pro X – world's first ever pinhole zoom lens smashes Kickstarter by 2,000%
(Image credit: Thingify)

Despite digital camera technology being pushed further than ever before, it seems that consumers just aren't ready to give up the low-fi look. Maker of the original Pinhole Pro lens, Thingyfy, has developed its technology even further to bring us the first ever pinhole zoom lens, enabling you to make a pinhole camera at home with zero DIY required. 

The lens, which debuted at The Photography Show this year, has successfully reached its crowdfunding target, obliterating its modest £4,144 ($4,966) goal with pledges of over £84,000 ($101,403).  

Designed not just for photography but for videography as well, the pinhole zoom has a 18-36mm 2x zoom on a full-frame camera, giving you more flexibility in your compositions. Each Pinhole Pro X has a 0.25mm precision pinhole aperture, which is created through micro-drilling. 

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Most DIY and commercial pinhole cameras and lenses use either mechanical pin punching, chemical etching or laser etching. However, these methods result in an imperfect pinhole that causes poor image quality. Thingyfy created each Pinhole Pro lens with a robotic controlled tiny micro-drill that's only 0.05mm in diameter.

Each Pinhole Pro X is created with a robotic micro-drill to ensure a perfectly round aperture

Each Pinhole Pro X is created with a robotic micro-drill to ensure a perfectly round aperture (Image credit: Thingify)

The Pinhole Pro X is available in seven camera mounts, including Canon EF, Nikon F and Sony A. The only conspicuously missing mounts are Canon RF and Nikon Z, but a quick glance at the comments on Thingyfy's Kickstarter reveals that there's a small possibility that this might be coming later. 

If you want to back the Kickstarter and bag yourself a Pinhole Pro lens at a reduced rate, you still have 50 days until the campaign ends. Grab the ultra wide angle Pinhole Pro S for £34 ($41), the original Pinhole Pro for £46 ($55), or the brand new Pinhole Pro X 18-36mm for £57 ($69). Each of these lenses have been reduced by 30% for this Kickstarter project. Alternatively, pick up a combo deal for all three lenses for just £136 ($165), saving yourself over £60 ($70).

Whether you're a keen pinhole connoisseur, or simply a camera enthusiast eager to experiment, the Pinhole Pro range is a fantastic way to get creative with your kit.  

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