Canon "actively" considering APS-C RF mount camera (report)

(Image credit: Canon)

UPDATE: We've heard rumors of an APS-C Canon RF mount camera for quite a while – and now there's a little more fuel being added to the fire. According to a new rumor from Canon Rumors, Canon has apparently "actively been doing market research with select pros and others to see if there is a real demand for such a camera". 

Interestingly, it seems that if Canon did produce an APS-C RF mount camera, the camera manufacturing giant wouldn't produce specific APS-C RF mount lenses. Assumedly, an APS-C EOS R camera would simply use the full frame RF mount lenses already available – or use EF mount lenses via an adapter.

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It's unclear on whether an APS-C RF mount camera would replace the current Canon EOS M line-up, but Canon Rumors states that it believes that Canon will favor the RF mount over EOS M. 

ORIGINAL: Ever since Canon first debuted the Canon EOS R and the Canon EOS RP, photographers have been wondering whether the imaging giant would introduce an APS-C line-up to the Canon EOS R series. Up until now, the RF mount has remained stubbornly full frame, but that could all be about to change – according to this new rumor. 

Apparently, we could be seeing as many as three new APS-C RF mount cameras, entitled the Canon EOS R7, the Canon EOS R8 and the Canon EOS R9. The first of these could even be announced as soon as late 2021.

According to Canon Rumors, the Canon EOS R7 could either appear in Q4 2021 or Q1 in 2022. Details are scant about this potential RF mount APS-C camera. We would assume that the first APS-C body to appear in the RF mount would serve as an introductory product to the series, encouraging users to become locked into the lens system with their first camera. However, there's also the possibility that this upcoming APS-C camera could serve as a pro-level sports and wildlife camera, similar to the Nikon D500.

The second APS-C RF mount camera is rumored to be the Canon EOS R8, which will apparently be designed for "vloggers and other types of social media creators". We would expect to see an emphasis on video in this camera's design, with ports for both a microphone and a pair of headphones – and if there isn't a fully articulating screen then this would be a rare misstep from Canon. 

Meanwhile, the third APS-C camera is expected to be the Canon EOS R9. This is described as "the entry-level camera to the EOS R system", which would presumably make it the lowest-specced body out of the three cameras. 

Entry-level cameras are the lifeblood of any camera system, feeding users upwards towards the more pro-level cameras. With the most affordable entry-level DSLRs slowly beginning to drop off, we would hope that Canon prices this camera appropriately – and doesn't wait too long to bring it out!

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