No Koalas were harmed in the making of Benro's new flexi tripod - the Koalapod

Benro TablePod Flex
(Image credit: Benro)

Benro has just launched two brand new flexible tripods that are designed to work virtually anywhere. Aimed at filmmakers and content creators that shoot on the go, the Benro KoalaPod and the Benro Table Pod Flex kit feature rubber legs and feet that you can bend into a tripod shape or wrap around a post, tree branch or railing to get that perfect shot. 

Some of the best tripods are made by Benro but this latest product is something completely different from anything it's released before. The difference between the two products is that the Benro Table Pod Flex Kit comes with 3, solid carbon fiber legs that can be removed and replaced with rubber flexible legs (which rather cleverly are stored inside the solid leg) while the KoalaPod just has flexi legs. 

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For a content creator looking for versatility, the Table Pid Flex Kit can also be used as a selfie stick by attaching the rubber legs, and lengthways to the carbon fiber legs or creating completely unique configurations by combining the flex legs and the carbon legs via a 1/4 inch screw. 

The Table Pod Flex Kit is quite big when collapsed compared to other tabletop tripods. It measures 30cm, weighs 0.45kg and takes a payload of up to 3kg. If you’re after something slightly more compact and don’t need it to take as much weight, the KoalaPod might be a better option as it’s slightly smaller at 26cm, weighs 0.22kg and supports a weight of 1.5kg. 

The KoalaPod is aimed at content creators, filmmakers and vloggers who use some of the best camera phones and best compact cameras to shoot their work. It features a ball head with a ¼ inch mounting thread that enables the user to level the camera while built-in accessory mounts allow you to attach accessories such as an LED light or microphone. 

Benro KoalaPod

Benro KoalaPod (Image credit: Benro)

Both tripods come with a metal auxiliary locking ring that reduces stress on the legs and improves the tripod's longevity. Also included is a quick-lock clamp that secures two legs together, once again making the tripod more sturdy and likely to last longer.

Whether you prefer to shoot in portrait or landscape, both the KoalaPod and the TablePod make it easy to do so. The Koala Pod has an adjustable ball head while the TablePod has a quick 90° locking mechanism to switch between the two. 

You can buy the KoalaPod either on its own in a basic bundle which includes the tripod, the auxiliary locking ring, the quick-lock clamp and a drawstring bag to keep it in or as a kit that also comes with a folding phone clip and two rubber accessory arms. The stand-alone tripod will cost you $40/£35/AU$79, but the kit is probably the best value option at just $50/£45/AU$99. 

The Table Pod Flex Kit has an RRP of $160/£140 (Australian price TBC).              

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