Nikon Z3 design leaked – entry level APS-C Nikon mirrorless camera set for 2020?

Nikon Z3 design leaked? Reports indicate new Nikon mirrorless camera due in 2020
(Image credit: Design Watch)

Recently leaked designs indicate that the Nikon Z3 might be appearing sooner than we may have thought. These detailed images clearly show an APS-C sensor housed inside the body, while any indication of an electronic viewfinder is missing. 

This marks a new step in the Z wave of Nikon mirrorless cameras, as both the Z6 and Z7 housed an EVF and were full-frame format (specifically built with the larger Z lens mount to complement the larger sensor). 

While the other three Nikon Z-series cameras expected within the next couple of years will likely be aimed at the enthusiast and pro markets (the crop sensor Nikon Z5, the 61MP Nikon Z8 and professional Nikon Z9), these leaked designs from website Design Watch show a camera presumably aimed at entry level consumers. 

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This ties into previous rumors from Japan, which indicate that the Nikon Z3 could be a super-small DX camera with no electronic viewfinder, a fixed LCD screen, a single microSD card slot and a 24 or 26MP sensor. 

The apparent Nikon Z3 design omits the electronic viewfinder

The apparent Nikon Z3 design omits the electronic viewfinder (Image credit: Design Watch)

While this product design was registered on 07 June, this doesn't automatically mean that it will come to fruition. However, with entry level mirrorless cameras such as the Fujifilm X-A5 and Panasonic Lumix GX80 proving popular with consumers, it only makes sense for Nikon to expand into this market – especially since Nikon's sales slipped by an unfortunate 15% this year.

The lack of an electronic viewfinder is interesting, with some speculating that it'll be available as an optional extra that can be slotted into the hot-shoe. Digital Maniacs even postulates that a rangefinder style might eventually be adopted to compete with the Sony A6500 (although these current designs don't support this theory). 

One of the most curious things we're wondering is how Nikon is planning to pitch the Z3 against Canon. By positioning this camera in the Z-series, Nikon is setting it up to compete with Canon's EOS R range, which is strictly full-frame. 

We wonder whether it would be smarter for Nikon to follow Canon's suit and divide its full-frame and APS-C cameras into two distinct ranges, to avoid undercutting the Z-series' slick and high-tech branding. The Canon EOS M50 is wildly popular in the Asian markets so, if Nikon is looking to replicate that success, perhaps it would be wise to keep the Z-series solely full-frame and develop a new and exciting APS-C line instead. 

In whatever iteration the Nikon Z3 finally comes to market, it's clear that expanding its potential consumer base into the entry level market is high on Nikon's priorities. We're excited to see how this story develops…

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