New Nikon Z9 teaser trailers hints it will be capable of recording in 8K for 2 hours

The next installment of the Nikon teaser trailers suggests that Nikon's new flagship camera will have the ability to record in 8K 30p for up to two hours. While that does sound super impressive it begs the question - how expensive will the cards be to achieve it?

The first teaser trailer for the Nikon Z9 revealed a quirky flip out screen in a fashion photography focussed video. The latest clip doesn't reveal all that much more, you get a better look at the back and top display and can see the photographer using an unidentifiable lens to shoot wildlife on safari. What we can speculate though is that the Z9 could be capable of shooting in 8K for up to 2 hours.

Still from the latest Nikon Z9 teaser video (Image credit: Nikon)

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The trailer hints at the cameras 8K video capabilities as it has on screen displays showing 4320 30p and 1h20m00s. What we don't know is whether it will shoot in Log or RAW, what the compression rate will be or what chroma subsampling model it will use. It also leaves you wondering, if the record limit for 8K is two hours, is the record limit when shooting 4K even longer? 

The internet has reacted to the latest Z9 teaser trailer expressing their excitement for its release - most people anyway. One guy seemed to be disappointed that unlike the Canon EOS R3 which can shoot in 6K at 60p, the Nikon Z9 is only capable of 8K at 30p - or at least that's what we know so far. There is no mention whether the Nikon will shoot 8K using the whole sensor or whether it will crop in but regardless, it is almost definitely going to have a longer record limit than the Canon EOS R3.

In order to make the 8K video mode more usable, it would be wise if Nikon included some raw video options to help reduce the massive file sizes and avoid workflow issues. The Nikon Z6 II and the Nikon Z7 II both benefited from firmware updates that made them compatible with Blackmagic RAW and Apple ProRes RAW support - but for an additional $200. Perhaps the higher price point of this Nikon Z9 and the fact its aimed more at pros will make it a feature that's included for free.

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