Is the OSMO Pocket 3 DJI's worst-kept secret? Leaks and rumors abound...

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 being held in front of another camera
(Image credit: Igor Bogdanov / @Quadro_News)

It's been two years since the DJI Pocket 2 came along, so we are certainly expecting a sequel. If DJI leaker Igor Bogdanov is to be believed then it will come before the end of the month and bring with it a 1-inch sensor and a rotating 2-inch touchscreen.

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More precisely, Igor, on his @Quadro_News feed, has stated that DJI will announce the Osmo Pocket 3 on the 25th of October – not long to wait. Obviously, Twitter (or X) is full of all sorts of nonsense and wild opinions, but Bogdanov does have form with DJI leaks, including showing early images of the recent Mini 4 Pro drone, not to mention an interest in action cameras extending to GoPro rumors, so we're prepared to say he might be onto something here.

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Moreover Bogdanov has provided a good deal of photographic evidence that closely matches the style of DJI's typical product announcements, which is where we see the October 25 date and tagline 'For Moving Moments'.

Another tweet (or should we call them 'X' now?) lists specifications including a 1-inch sensor with 4K at 120FPS (eminently believable since the recent Osmo Action 4 has all these specs), a rotatable 2-inch touchscreen, ActiveTrack 6, and D-LogM 10-Bit. Again, a lot of this smacks of the spec for DJI's recently updated action camera so is easy to believe, even without the convincing imagery Igor has found.

I've also already heard excited chatter from YouTubers talking about DSLR quality video, which might be a slight exaggeration – DSLR's are more about full-frame (if this makes no sense, check our camera sensor sizes are stupid article). Nevertheless, as we recently saw with the Action 4, the boost in sensor size can improve low-light performance. 

Will the camera rotate to vertical with the touchscreen, we wonder, like the Mini 3 and Mini 4 drones – social media friendly – or will this just be a quirky on-switch? The Action 2 camera can already rotate front-to-back (selfie and forward), so why not one more axis? It is also already popular with travellers and vloggers who – with a bit of practice – gain a filmic smoothness from the gimbal without the need for a big piece of equipment like a Ronin.

So, if the quality of the leak is as high as we hope, next we get to find out if the product lives up to that same standard...

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