Instagram reportedly on the verge of allowing hour-long video uploads


Your Instagram feed could be about to get a major shakeup. 

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has announced that it is in discussion with content creators about changes it can make to the platform, which include the possibility of uploading much – much – longer videos.

Currently, the only way to upload a video to Instagram that's longer than a minute is to livestream it. This move comes as part of a drive by the platform to encourage more varied and engaging long-form content; at the moment the major focus is on increasing the viability of uploading and publishing videos in vertical format, which is currently the format that makes you tut under your breath and mutter ‘turn your phone around’. 

If Instagram is really making a go of becoming a serious player in the video production and distribution market, an emphasis on vertical video could have a pretty major impact on how such content is created. After all, an expensive rig isn’t exactly necessary for shooting a video that’s going to be distributed in this way.

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Instagram has had success with video-focused innovations in the past, most notably its Stories feature, essentially pinched wholesale from Snapchat. This allows users to upload quick clips of their day that last for a 24-hour period, although these can be saved and pinned to the profile if they happen to particularly bang.

In lieu of an official announcement, we’re left to speculate as to how exactly this will work. Will it be only publishers and partners who have access to the hour-long feature? Or is your idea of a serialised, Instagram-exclusive adaptation of Lord of the Rings one step closer to reality? It is not clear just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

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