Got a spare $75K? You could be the owner of a Pagani x Gibellini bellow camera

Pagani x Gibellini camera
(Image credit: Pagani x Gibellini )

Gibellini, an Italian manufacturer of folding large format cameras has teamed up with fellow Italian car manufacturers Pagani to release a camera that will set you back an eye-watering $75,000. The unusual collaboration between the camera and car manufacturer promises to deliver a limited edition GP810HP 8x10 large format analog camera designed to match the elegance and eliteness of Pagani cars.

This latest camera from Gibellini and Pagani certainly won’t ever feature in our best cheap camera guide. Costing a whopping $75,000, you could put down a deposit for a mortgage on a pretty decent house with the funds it'll take to own one of these limited edition cameras. It's been announced that only 75 units will be made and a small proportion of those will be reserved for Pagani car owners. 

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Although Gibellini is perhaps not as well known in the camera industry as Sony, Nikon or Canon, their cameras offer elegance, precision and a unique way of capturing the world. Aimed at a very specific (and rich) group of photographers, the Gibellini GPH10HP balances form, function, art and style. 

Pagani x Gibellini camera

(Image credit: Pagani x Gibellini camera)

Following two years of research into Pagani materials and design features, Gibellini has created a camera made entirely from aluminum and titanium. Components have been machined from a single block and the sensor is an impressive 20x25cm plate which ensures unrivaled three-dimensionality of your subject. 

The optical and focal plane are able to be adjusted by 8 degrees which allow architectural or street photographers to correct converging lines and control the focus of the image. It comes in a range of colors including red, black and white which also features the technical drawings printed bellow. A leather-coated tripod with a carrying case and a carry case for the camera and lens are also included. 

Pagani x Gibellini camera

The Pagani x Gibellini camera, tripod and leather carry cases (Image credit: Pagani x Gibellini camera)

It feels very much like this is a camera people will buy to say they own it - it’s an extremely specialist bit of kit that the average photographer could only dream of being able to afford. It costs more than what most people make in a year and while it’s a beautiful bit of kit, its uses are limited. Not to mention, it’s a hefty thing to lug around with you and there is no chance you could easily travel with it. 

Whatever advantages there are to the GP810 HP 8 X 10 they certainly won’t outweigh the cost to buy one - this is a camera for the elite, the type of people who could afford to drop $3.5 million on a Pagani motor and still not feel the crunch in this current economic climate. It might look nice, but not for that price. 

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