Bargain bokeh: this f/1.1 lens is just $303!

Bargain bokeh: this f/1.1 lens is just $303!
(Image credit: Machang Optical)

Ultra-fast lenses are nothing new, but ultra-fast lenses at ultra-low prices are definitely out of the ordinary. That's why the new Kamlan KL 32mm f/1.1 has raised plenty of eyebrows, because it costs just $303. 

The Kamlan KL 32mm f/1.1 will be released for Canon, Sony and Fujifilm APS-C cameras as well as Micro Four Thirds bodies. However, it won't behave like a wide-angle lens – rather, it will be more like a nifty fifty in full-frame / 35mm terms. 

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That's because the effective focal length and the aperture (strictly in terms of depth of field, not light gathering capability) are both affected by the respective crop factors of those systems. So the 32mm f/1.1 would become an effective 48.96mm f/1.68 on Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts, 51.84mm f/1.78 on Canon EOS M cameras, and 64mm f/2.2 on Olympus, Panasonic, Blackmagic et al. 

With its standard field of view and lightning-fast aperture, the Kamlan KL 32mm f/1.1 becomes a useful standard lens on APS-C and a light tele on Micro Four Thirds, making it an appealing option for everyday photography and certain portraiture.

A fully manual optic, it boasts 9 elements in 7 groups, with 11 aperture blades for pleasing circular bokeh expressions (read: 'bokeh balls'!). The aperture ring, as with fellow ultra-fast lens the Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 II (opens in new tab), is a clickless affair, so this becomes an affordable and versatile choice for videographers as well – particularly with its 0.4m minimum focusing distance. 

In physical terms the lens measures 92 x 70mm, with a 62mm filter thread, and weighs in at 601g. If it's anything like its 50mm counterpart, it will boast all-metal construction that feels sturdy and solid in the hand – always welcome, but especially at such a low price. 

The Kamlan KL 32mm f/1.1 goes on sale on 12 February at a retail price of ¥32,000, which is approximately $303 / £221 / AU$395. For more information, visit the Kamlan website (opens in new tab).

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