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B&H is offering 20% off reusable face masks!

B&H are offering 20% off reusable face masks!
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Whether you're planning for your first shoot back after lockdown, or you simply want a reusable face mask for your food shopping trips, finding a comfortable and washable face mask has quickly turned into a necessity. Luckily, many retailers and manufacturers have responded to this surge in demand by selling a wide variety of reusable face masks – such as this f-stop mask, sold by US retailer B&H. 

The f-stop DYOTA AG+ ION Reusable 3-layer antibacterial face mask is now 20% off, which means you can pick it up for just $15.99, from its original price of $19.99 by $4. You can get this great deal in four different colors, including Black, Gray, Orange and Purple.

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This f-stop face mask is reusable and washable and features elastic ear loops. Its designed to be comfortable and breathable, while also helping to reduce the transmission of small particles and liquid. The mask is constructed to fully cover the chin and mouth and there's also a unique foldable panel to cover your nose. 

B&H Photo is a US retailer that may ship to other regions. If you're looking to purchase this product from another country, please ensure you double-check shipping costs and availability, as well as compliance with local tax and import laws.

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