The best Google Pixel 7 Pro screen protector in 2023

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Screen Protectors: OtterBox Alpha Flex
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The latest Pixel smartphone series is here, and if you value your devices, then you'll want to ensure that your new Google Pixel 7a, Google Pixel 7, or in this instance, your Google Pixel 7 Pro is protected from the get-go with a reliable screen protector made by expert manufacturers. A lot of folks think that screen protectors aren't needed anymore as flagship phones are built from tougher materials, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 

No smartphone is indestructible, and even the best rugged phones have their limitations. A quality screen protector will go a long way to ensuring your expensive tech stays scratch-free and like new for as long as possible. 

Keep in mind: this guide includes a host of screen protectors for the Google Pixel 7 Pro model only, and the products featured will have been created with precise measurements for this exact screen size and front camera cut-outs.

Already purchased a screen protector? The next step is securing a phone case. Take a look at our guides to the best Google Pixel 7 Pro cases, as well as the best cases for the Google Pixel 7, and not forgetting the newer Google Pixel 7a cases  too for our top picks of the best cases, and let us do the work for you. 

How do I choose a screen protector?

We understand that the hunt for a durable yet reasonably priced screen protector can be daunting and time-consuming, but fear not. We're pretty much experts now when it comes to finding the best smartphone accessories available for the best camera phones, with options to suit all budgets and from brands you can trust. 

Are you a bit of a germaphobe? A screen protector with antimicrobial coatings will help to prevent and eliminate surface bacteria from lurking on your phone screen. Whether you need a strong Tempered Glass screen protector to withstand hefty drops, or a more subtle and sleek protector to keep your device in top condition, this guide can help you find the perfect screen protector for a fair price.

If you're a photographer and smartphone shooter (which we assume you are - this is Digital Camera World after all) then you might want to pair your screen protector with a strong phone case with raised edges to protect your camera unit from any cracked lenses upon impact. Maybe even consider purchasing a separate camera lens protector too. 

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro screen protectors

How we test

In all honesty, there's no real way to test a screen protector thoroughly enough without actually putting our own phones in danger. So for this reason, we base our recommendations on things like quality and materials used, ease of application, and most importantly the price range and value for money. 

We weren't born yesterday, and we know that most manufacturers will exaggerate and upsell key features of screen protectors knowing that you'll never test them. For example, some products might be listed with 10ft drop protection, but we aren't about to find out for ourselves whether that's true. 

With this in mind, we tend to take things with a pinch of salt when it comes to testing screen protectors, but vow to only recommend products to our readers that we would purchase ourselves, from brands that we're familiar with from having tested other products from their catalog and know are reliable and high quality. 

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