Nikon J4 adds 171 AF points, ‘faster than DSLR’ continuous shooting speeds

Nikon J4 unveiled

Nikon has officially unveiled the Nikon J4, the latest addition to its range of portable Nikon 1 system cameras.

Nikon J4 unveiled

A Nikon J4 price was not available as of the time of writing.

Among the Nikon J4’s key features are a hybrid AF system with 171 AF points, 105 of which are phase-detection points and continuous shooting speeds of up to 20 fps with continuous autofocus.

The Nikon J4 can also take 20 RAW format images at up to 60 fps with focus fixed at the first frame.

The new Nikon 1 camera includes the same 18.4-megapixel CMOS sensor as used in the recently announced Nikon 1 V3, as well as a native ISO range of ISO 160–12800, and Nikon’s new EXPEED 4A image processor.

The CX-format sensor is designed without an optical low-pass filter, which Nikon says enables more detail in images and better performance in low light.

The Nikon J4 can record full HD video quality, and offers new movie modes such as Fast Motion and Jump Cut.

A new Creative Palette, available in the Nikon J4’s Creative Mode, allows you to adjust brightness, saturation and white balance as the camera cycles through various effects. To enable this, slide your finger around the ring on the the electrostatic 7.5-cm (3.0-in.) 1037k-dot LCD touchscreen, or rotate the multi selector, and the on-screen image changes to preview what you will capture.

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Summary of the Nikon J4 key features

  • Large 18.4-megapixel CMOS sensor: fast CX-format sensor designed without an optical low-pass filter. Sharply captures fine textures and renders clean, crisp images.
  • ISO 160–12800: auto ISO extends from 160–6400, and you can increase sensitivity to ISO 12800. Two sophisticated noise reduction settings reduce noise when shooting at ISO 6400 or 12800.
  • EXPEED 4A: keeps you shooting spectacular images and HD movies at high speed.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: connect, share, and create. Quickly and easily share high-quality Nikon 1 shots, or tap into a world of creative photo apps via your smart device.2
  • Touchscreen operation: electromagnetic 7.5-cm (3.0-in.), 1037k-dot LCD monitor.
  • Advanced hybrid AF: 171-point AF system. Boasts 105 phase action points that lock onto action with incredible speed and precision.
  • Lightning-fast fps: shoot at up to 20 fps with continuous AF, or snap 20 RAW images at up to 60 fps with focus fixed at the first frame.
  • Movie magic: Full HD (1080p) movies (aspect ratio 16:9) at 60p/30p frame rates. Electronic VR enables blur-free footage for HD movies shot at 1080/30p or 720/30p. Capture high-resolution stills while filming, and view HD movies recorded at 120 fps in extreme slow motion.
  • Cinematic movie modes: Fast Motion, Jump Cut, and 4-Second Movie.
  • Best Moment Capture (with the new Active Selection, Smart Photo Selector, and Slow View), Motion Snapshot.
    Creative Palette: apply artistic, studio-quality filters to photos before you shoot via the touchscreen or the camera’s multi selector.
    Portable Nikon 1 design: perfectly minimal, irresistible looks. The remarkably small and lightweight aluminium body is available in modern white and brushed black, silver, or orange.
    1 NIKKOR kit lens: keep the action in focus with the 1 NIKKOR VR 10–30mm f/3.5–5.6 PD-ZOOM lens.


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