Review: Lastolite Ezybox Speed-lite kit

Review: Lastolite Ezybox Speed-lite kit

Review: Lastolite Ezybox Speed-lite kit

This compact softbox is designed to be used on a flashgun while it’s mounted on your camera. With a 22x22cm front panel and pre-formed sides, the Ezybox folds flat in a matter of seconds for easy storage and transportation.

Assembly is a doddle too, even if you ignore the enclosed instructions! You simply unfold the softbox and attach the inner and outer diffusion panels with Velcro, slot your flashgun through the elasticated opening and then strap it in place.

The set-up holds in place surprisingly securely, but it’s quite a sizeable contraption to hang over a camera. Consequently, the front sensors on many flashguns may be obscured, which could affect autofocus performance, although we didn’t encounter any such issues.

The Ezybox kit is also a good introduction to using your flashgun off-camera. A synch cord is included, which slides onto a foam-covered handle, enabling the flashgun and Ezybox combination to be held up to one metre away from the camera for a greater range of lighting angles.

With its pair of diffusion panels, the Ezybox does a decent job of diffusing the light from a bare flash, successfully holding back harsh highlights and softening shadow edges for more natural and flattering shots.

However, the downside of using two diffusion panels is that you’ll need at least two stops more flash power to penetrate the material, so expect an increase in flash recycle times and a decrease in battery life.

It’s not cheap for a modifier, but factor in the included syncing cord, high build quality and performance and the Ezybox kit is actually pretty good value for money.

Price: £80
Buy it:

Score: 4/5


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