Adobe Lightroom: everything you need to know about the ‘alternative Photoshop’

Adobe Lightroom: what every photographer must know about the 'alternative Photoshop'

Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to make a book

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Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to make a book

There are no preset templates in the Book module. Instead, you create books manually using the panels on the right.

You start in the Book Settings panel. Here, you have the option of choosing a printed book (the usual choice), a PDF or JPEG versions of your book pages.

Below this are Size, Cover and Paper Type options based around Blurb’s own book formats. At the bottom is an Estimated Price, though this will change according to the number of pages in your book.

The Auto Layout panel will populate the book with your selected images, but if you want control over the layout of the individual pages, you’ll need to select them and use the Page panel and its drop-down layout menu to choose from a variety of single and multiple-photo layouts, some with text boxes.

The templates contain photo placeholders which may already contain a photo or, if you’ve chosen a new layout, they may be empty.

You can drag photos from the Filmstrip on to these placeholders. The Filmstrip displays a number at the top of each thumbnail to show if it’s been used in the book, and how often.

PAGE 1: What Adobe Lightroom offers photographers
PAGE 2: Getting to know the Adobe Lightroom interface
PAGE 3: 3 things you need to know about the Adobe Lightroom Metadata Panels
PAGE 4: Adobe Lightroom Library Module – Folders and Collections

PAGE 5: Adobe Lightroom Library Module – Filter Bar
PAGE 6: Adobe Lightroom Library Module – Flags, Ratings and Labels
PAGE 7: Getting to know the Adobe Lightroom Develop module interface
PAGE 8: Making selective adjustments in the Develop module
PAGE 9: New sharing options in Adobe Lightroom 4
PAGE 10: How to create a website in Adobe Lightroom
PAGE 11: How to make a slideshow in Adobe Lightroom
PAGE 12: How to make books in Adobe Lightroom
PAGE 13: How to speed up your workflow using the Quick Develop tools
PAGE 14: All your options for printing photos in Adobe Lightroom


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    Hi, I’m so confused. I’ve been scouring the internet and can only find this cloud version of lightroom that costs $9.99 a month (or more) Is there a program I can install on my mac, or just the web based system? Thanks for any advice. Michelle