Adobe Lightroom: everything you need to know about the ‘alternative Photoshop’

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    Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to create a website

    Click on the image of the Adobe Lightroom interface to see the larger version

    Sharing photos in Adobe Lightroom: how to create a website

    You can manually select individual photos from within an existing Collection or Folder, but it’s generally easier to gather the photos you want in a Collection of their own. You can then select a template from the list on the left, or start from scratch.

    Over on the right, the Layout Style offers a choice of five main gallery types – three from SimpleViewer and generic Flash and HTML galleries from Adobe.

    You can download other galleries using the ‘Find More Galleries Online’ button.

    Below this, the Site Info and Image Info panels are used to input a title and description for the site, and to choose the metadata (captions, for example) displayed alongside the photos.

    The options will vary according to the template chosen – with Lightroom HTML Galleries, for example, you can choose the size of the grid used on the index pages and the size of the images on the individual gallery pages.

    The Upload Settings panel at the bottom is where you type in your web host’s FTP upload details. You’ll need to know the name of the FTP server, your username and password.

    If you click the Create Saved Web Gallery button at the top right, your gallery will be saved permanently in the Collections panel, and you can return to it in future to update the images or information.

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    PAGE 2: Getting to know the Adobe Lightroom interface
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    PAGE 6: Adobe Lightroom Library Module – Flags, Ratings and Labels
    PAGE 7: Getting to know the Adobe Lightroom Develop module interface
    PAGE 8: Making selective adjustments in the Develop module
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    PAGE 10: How to create a website in Adobe Lightroom
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    PAGE 13: How to speed up your workflow using the Quick Develop tools
    PAGE 14: All your options for printing photos in Adobe Lightroom


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