How to get the most from mono conversions in Photoshop Elements (Part 1 of 2)

Understanding how colour relates to mono tones is key to getting good black and white conversions, watch this video to find out how to take control of your mono conversions.

Converting colour photos to black and white is an art; it’s all too easy to make a quick conversion that looks fine on screen, but once printed loses tone and detail. When adjusting a colour raw format file, it’s important to remember that each colour directly relates to the lightness or darkness of a greyscale tone. Knowing how colours relate to a mono tone gives you the flexibility to get the conversion you want. To make sure you have the maximum amount of detail in your image, you also need to use basic tools in Camera Raw to create an image packed with tones and with minimal clipping in the shadows and highlights. Here, we’ll show you how to adjust your RAW file correctly to eliminate lacklustre conversions. See the related links for part 2.