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Photography cheat sheets: camera reference guides for visual learners!

If you're stuck at home and looking for something to do, we've got just the thing! Our ultimate cheat sheet collection has nuggets of photographic know-how for all user levels and all kinds of photographic interests – and we've even organized them into categories to make them easier to browse!  

Using photography cheat sheets is a fantastic way to take your photography to the next level. Packed with pro techniques for taking better photos, a good photography cheat sheet will save you time and make sure you’re using your camera to its full potential too. 

But these bite-sized guides aren't just handy resources when you’re starting out. Even seasoned photographers need a little inspiration every now and again.

That’s why we’ve gathered together this essential collection of photography cheat sheets. Whether you’re looking for posing, portrait, landscape or lighting tips, you’ll find all the expert insight here that you need to become a better photographer. 

And we’ll be updating this article regularly with new photography tips and tricks – so don't forget to bookmark it for next time you need a little inspiration.

Photography cheat sheets: posing 

Photography cheat sheets: lighting 

Photography cheat sheets: landscapes

Photography cheat sheets: camera features

Photography cheat sheets: techniques

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