Moment Macro 10x Lens review

This macro lens from Moment will essentially show you the quantum realm and close-up sights you've never seen before

Moment Macro 10x lens review
(Image: © Beth Nicholls)

Digital Camera World Verdict

This Moment Macro 10x lens transforms the way that you see inanimate objects, plants, fabrics, skin texture, food, or anything else weird and wonderful that you choose to photograph by taking you deep into the layers of its foundation. Essentially like using a glass slider under a microscope, this lens will either fascinate you or make your skin crawl, depicting the ultra-fine details that our naked eyes can't see.


  • +

    Superb macro focus that works with anything

  • +

    Lightweight and travel friendly with a pouch

  • +

    Made from Aerospace grade metal


  • -

    Can be tricky to stabilize

  • -

    Requires a Moment case or drop-in lens mount to use

  • -

    You have to be almost touching the subject - not ideal for insect or distant macro shots

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Using smartphones for everyday photography and even studio shoots has been a contemporary debate among photographers for decades, and the quality of even the latest and best smartphone cameras on the market today, boasting large megapixels, has been scrutinized by those who only use "proper" cameras.

Well, we say pish posh to that! Smartphone photographers are just as valid and creative as those who use a DSLR camera, one of the best cameras for beginners, and even those who shoot with newer mirrorless cameras such as the latest Canon EOS R6 Mark II. What I'm trying to say is that using a professional camera isn't necessary for photography anymore, it's down to the photographer, not the tool. 

This Moment 25mm Macro 10x Lens is probably one of the best smartphone lenses that I've ever used. The sharp focus on details that are invisible to the naked eye was astounding, and shooting images with your smartphone makes this lens that much more convenient and accessible when traveling and for use out and about. 

Unboxing the lens (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Using this lens awakened my "photographer's eye" as it were, and had me actively looking for subjects that I thought would have an interesting texture or that would produce a great macro shot and really put this lens to the test. It's safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised and even shocked by how intense this macro lens is, revealing elements of objects I never knew existed.  

Some of the best macro lenses are often limited in how far the focus can reach, or how close they can allow you to get to the subject. Believe me when I say that there's no holding back with this lens, having to get extremely close to a subject in order for the lens to focus clearly (basically touching it) which makes it not the best for being inconspicuous in photographing animals or insects. 

Take a look at the specifications and full review below to see how I got on with testing and experimenting with this 10x macro lens from the leading photography and smartphone accessory brand, Moment. 

Moment Macro Lens: Specification

Dimensions: 15.3mm x 34.5mm
Mount: fits to Moment M-Series cases
Weight: 34.7g or 39.7g (with diffuser)
Resolution (Axis): >200 LP/MM
Resolution (Edge): >100 LP/MM
Lateral chromatic aberration: < 1PX at the edge
Distortion: <1%
Minimum focal distance: 0.69" (17.46mm)
Visual Magnification: 10X (250/F)
Lens coating: Multi-layer, low flare broadband anti-reflection

The lens mounted to my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and with the diffuser hood attached (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Moment Macro Lens: Key Features

This macro lens from Moment captures life-sized images of the absolute smallest of objects, and delves deep into the layers and rich textures of these objects like you never could have imagined. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works by positioning less than an inch away from the subject, capturing materials, objects, and living things that our smartphones alone aren't capable of seeing. 

With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, this Moment Macro Lens is perfect for capturing the tiniest of details that your phone’s naked camera would never be able to focus on without the assistance of a Moment macro lens. 

The accessories included with the macro lens include a removable diffuser hood for achieving the perfect focus, a front lens cap for keeping your lens protected and scratch-free, and a handy microfiber carrying bag for taking your lens out on adventures. Wherever your phone goes, so should this lens. 

For the best imaging results, Moment recommends using its Moment Pro Camera App, although unfortunately the app is only available for iOS-compatible devices, and being an android user with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, I didn't have the opportunity to test it out with this macro lens. 

Side view of the lens mounted to my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, and with the diffuser hood attached (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Moment Macro Lens: Build and Handling

Made with aerospace-grade metal, and with the same hand-polished glass that is used for high-end 4K film lenses, this macro lens from Moment feels extremely high quality while still maintaining a sleek and lightweight design. 

The lens can be easily attached to and removed from your smartphone using the M-series interface, with a simple twist-and-lock design built into Moment cases, or through Moment's compatible drop-in lens mounts (sold separately). 

The overall feel and quality of this lens and attachment mechanism is impeccable and I never worried at all that the lens would fall or detach from my smartphone. However, it is worth noting that the lens shouldn't be left attached to your phone when placed into a pocket, as this may cause damage. 

The lens shooting attached to my Samsung smartphone (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Moment Macro Lens: Performance

This Macro 10x Lens performed exceptionally well in all areas. The images captured are detailed and sharp, with minimal softening around the edges. The results are genuinely mesmerizing - especially in trying to decipher what the subject actually is, having been captured so closely and at an unusual angle. 

First getting used to the lens was a little tricky to begin with, having to find the sharp "sweet spot" as those who use a manual focus may be familiar with, moving back and forth ever so slightly from the subject and trying to keep as still as possible, to ensure that the lens is able to pick up the subject in focus and in the right area.

A lot of times I thought I'd nailed the focus and captured a really sharp image, only for there to be a delay with my phone camera actually capturing the image or mis-pressing the capture button, resulting in an extremely blurred and out-of-focus image. Though this just takes practice, and once you get to grips with using the lens and holding it steady close to the subject it becomes a lot easier to get a sharp focus.  

I also found that this lens can be placed over two of the lenses on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra quadruple-camera unit, and that I could also use my camera's optical zoom with the macro lens attached, for even greater and more in-depth magnification of the subject. 

See the image gallery below featuring my small Captain America eraser figure as an example, to learn the differences in images produced when using both my wide (1x) and telephoto (3x) lenses on my Samsung smartphone with the Moment macro lens mounted to my device - notice the detail and texture on the shield (image 6)!

Take a look at the image gallery below to see some further examples of the images I shot using the Moment macro lens, paired with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The subjects range from insects and flowers to close-ups of random objects that are usually sitting at my desk. 

Moment Macro Lens: Final Verdict

The lens attached to my Samsung smartphone with a Mous magnetic wallet (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

This macro lens from Moment completely exceeded my expectations in all areas, and produces exceptional images when used with the right subject. The portability and reliable ease of use of this lens make it perfect for quick shooting when the perfect subject or moment arises, and can be safely stored in a pocket or bag using the small carry bag. 

The lens has unlimited potential, and although it has to be near enough touching the subject in order to focus and be functional, it produces results that could even be classed in their own category of macro photography, bringing to light elements that many would only see between slides in a microscope in science class.

At a price of $99.99 (before you'd bought the Moment case), this lens is a bit on the expensive side for a smartphone lens, though arguably less of an investment than a more mirrorless or DSLR camera with a specialist macro lens. It is hard to find outside the US, but can be shipped internationally from the Moment webstore.

You should also take a look at our reviews of Moment's other smartphone lenses, such as the Moment 14mm Fisheye lens, the Moment Tele 58mm lens, and not forgetting the Moment Wide 18mm lens

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