Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T/1.5 lens announced

Tokina Vista Cinema lens
(Image credit: Tokina)

Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T/1.5 lens has been announced for a variety of mounts, including Canon EF, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and the traditional Arri PL and LPL cine mounts. 

The large image circle of the Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T/1.5 enables it to be used on most cinema cameras and sensor sizes. This telephoto focal length can produce natural looking results, which can be quite flattering for the subject, while the wider aperture can also help to create beautiful looking background blur and isolate the subject more effectively.

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The optical structure of this lens consists of 14 elements in 13 groups. With a minimum focusing distance of 0.69m it enables videographers to get relatively close to subjects, and in turn increase the amount of background blur and separation. 

The nine-bladed aperture produces bokeh that's smooth and pleasing, even when the lens is stopped down. Aspects like focus breathing and chromatic aberrations have been exceptionally well controlled in this lens, and the results can be see in the video linked below. 

As is the norm for cinema lenses, the aperture is recorded in T-stops rather than f-stops, as a T-stop provides a true measure of the light that's actually transmitted through the lens (whereas an f-stop is a physical calculation, with lenses often having a lower transmission than indicated). 

The Tokina 65mm T/1.5 joins the Cinema Vista line from the manufacturer, which also includes the 18mm T/1.5, 25mm T/1.5, 35mm T/1.5, 45mm T/1.5, 50mm T/1.5, 85mm T/1.5, 105mm T/1.5 and 135mm T/1.5 lenses. 

These optics are known for their high resolution performance and 8K compatibility, with the larger image circle in these lenses makes them an ideal choice for larger sensor cinema cameras, such as the Red Monstro 8K VV and the Arri Alexa LF Mini. 

The 65mm T/1.5 measures between 161mm and 187mm in length, and weighs between 2,290g and 2,460g, depending on the mount – broadly similar to the rest of the Cinema Vista line. 

The Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T/1.5 lens can be pre-ordered now and carries a price tag of $7,499 (approximately £5,485.57 / AU$9,681) for all mounts. 

Pre-order the Tokina Cinema Vista 65mm T/1.5 at B&H (ships worldwide)

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