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These are the 10 most complained-about cameras amongst Twitter users

GoPro Hero 10 Black
(Image credit: GoPro)

Would you believe that the GoPro Hero8 Black is the most complained about camera on Twitter? That’s according to Electronics Hub, which carried out its own research into negative tweets across a broad spectrum of electronic devices.

Here’s the full top 10 with the percentage of negative tweets about these cameras – click/tap the camera name to read our own reviews! 

1. GoPro Hero8 Black: 8.6%
2. GoPro Hero9 Black: 6.4%
3. Ricoh GR III: 5.7%
4. Polaroid Now: 5.5%
5. Nikon Z7 II: 5.1%
6. Sony A6600: 5.0%
7. Sony A7R IV: 5.0%
8. Canon EOS 90D: 3.8%
9. GoPro Hero10 Black: 3.8%
10. Sony A7 IV: 3.7%

Bear in mind that a Twitter complaint can include anything from actual defective features to having to wait too long to get something, being annoyed about what it costs or that the instructions are hard to follow.

The Ricoh GR III got some grumbles too, though cameras in general attracted fewer complaints than other electronics products. (Image credit: Ricoh)

Cameras come out of this pretty well

The other thing to note from the Electronics Hub survey is that cameras are near the bottom of the complained-about list.  Far worse offenders include consoles (Xbox One: 12.1%), phones (Apple iPhone 12 mini: 26.1%), laptops (HP laptops, 29.1%), earbuds (Realme: 33.8%), fitness trackers (FitBit Charge 4: 31.4%), tablets and smart home devices.

In fact, it turns out that of all the product categories Electronics Hub surveyed, cameras got the lowest percentage of negative comments in the Twitterverse – so while GoPro’s last three Heros are in this blacklist, their numbers are still pretty good. So actually, cameras are the least-complained about products!

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