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Sigma will donate 5% of its lens sales to COVID-19 charities

Sigma will donate 5% of its lens sales to COVID-19 charities
(Image credit: Sigma)

Despite the turbulent state of the world right now, there are still some pinpricks of positivity that manage to fight their way through the general doom and gloom. Stories of individuals and brands alike pledging their time and money to help those in need is a heart-warming consequence of the coronavirus crisis – and now imaging company Sigma is the latest to pledge its support in the name of COVID-19 relief.

Sigma Corporation of America recently announced that it is launching a charitable initiative in partnership with authorized Sigma lens dealers nationwide. From now until 30 June, 2020, 5% of all of the Sigma lens sales made through participating dealers will be donated to a charitable organization of the dealers' choice. 

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As reported by rumor website Canon News, these donations will be given to organizations that are working on coronavirus relief efforts to help ease the devastation many communities are feeling as a result of this unprecedented crisis. 

Mark Amir-Hamzeh, the President of the Sigma Corporation of America, said: "Photography is a creative outlet that helps us all feel connected through the most troubling of times, promoting awareness, compassion and empathy. These qualities are at the heart of who we are as human beings.

"This contribution is meant to help easy the many and various burdens felt by those affected across the country. To that end, Sigma will donate, through our dealers, a portion of product sales to many deserving charities around the country."

One of the best parts of Sigma's new initiative is that the money donated will go to local organizations right at the heart of the community. For example, 5% of lens sales from the dealer Glazers will go to the Seattle Foundation, while ASAP Photo & Camera will be donating their 5% to the Foodbank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. 

In such difficult times, it's fantastic to see brands such as Sigma stepping up and setting such a positive example. 

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