Pick up your jaw: the sexiest camera ever made is now 100MP

Hasselblad 907X mirrorless camera with CFV 100C digital camera back
(Image credit: Hasselblad)

Hasselblad is bringing sexy back, quite literally. The Swedish manufacturer has just announced the Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C – "the smallest and most powerful medium format camera in the industry," and also the most adaptable.

The modular camera comprises the existing Hasselblad 907X but replaces the 50MP digital back with a new 100MP one – the brand new CFV 100C, featuring the same incredible sensor found in the Hasselblad X2D 100C (which for my money is the best medium format camera you can buy). 

There's a lot to talk about here, but let's start with that jaw-dropping vintage styling. As you can see below, the CFV 100C features a stunning display (3.2-inch, 2.36 million-dot, 24-bit full-color) that can be tilted 40° and 90° – emulating the top-down view and waist-level finder of legacy cameras like the Hasselblad 500C. 

The Hasselblad 907X mirrorless camera with CFV 100C digital back (Image credit: Hasselblad)

However, this is more than just a stylistic nod to the past; it's a fully functional one. Detach the CFV 100C from the 907X and you can mount it to Hasselblad V-System camera bodies like the 500C, breathing fresh life into your classic kit. 

Moreover, the 100C digital back can also be connected to technical cameras, imbuing them with the full firepower of Hasselblad's 100MP sensor and best-in-the-business color science

Combined with the 907X's ability to use all Hasselblad lenses – including XCD, HC / HCD and Xpan lenses – the modularity of this system is more flexible than ever before. And if you don't want to use it in the classic tripod or palm-of-the-hand style, you can trick it out with a control grip and optical viewfinder for conventional eye-level shooting.

The Hasselblad CFV 100C connected to a legacy film body (left) and a technical camera (right) (Image credit: Hasselblad)

As for the camera itself, at its heart is that glorious 100MP, back-side illuminated, medium format CMOS sensor found in the X2D. Packing twice the resolution of Hasselblad's previous medium format kit, it also features phase detect autofocus with face detection – making it a formidable portrait machine.

One of my favorite things about the camera is that, while it boasts dual CFexpress B  slots, it packs 1TB of built-in storage. Meaning that if you manage to forget a memory card, or forget to clear it down, or if you just plain don't want to bother with one, you can shoot direct to the internal SSD.

The X2D is one of my favorite cameras, and the 907X is my favorite-looking camera, so I'm incredibly excited to finish my full review of the system. If you can't wait until then, you can order the Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C now for $8,199 / £6,729 / AU$12,869.

Attach the control grip and viewfinder, and the Hasselblad 907X & CFV 100C can be used like a conventional camera (Image credit: Hasselblad)

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