Panasonic: Micro Four Thirds still relevant for video – "the GH and S1H will co-exist"

Panasonic: Micro Four Thirds still relevant for video – "the GH and S1H will co-exist"
(Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic has confirmed that the Panasonic S1H will not outright replace the GH5 and GH5S; rather, the company's full-frame and Micro Four Thirds video lines will peacefully "co-exist" next to one another. 

That's according to Panasonic manager, Yosuke Yamane, who extolled the distinct advantages of each format and stated that these virtues gave them independent value, depending on usage.

"The GH-series already has a good reputation, because of the small size and mobility. And it has already been used for independent movie production," Yamane said to Imagine Resource (by way of 43 Rumors).

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"But as we said, full-frame sensors provide higher picture expression with the shallow depth of field, resolution and dynamic range. I expect lots of production companies are interested in that and they appreciate the value of full frame. So I think the GH and S1H will co-exist based on the shooting scene."

The smaller-sensor Panasonic GH line will "co-exist" with the fledgling full-frame S1H

The smaller-sensor Panasonic GH line will "co-exist" with the fledgling full-frame S1H (Image credit: Future)

Many feared, ever since Panasonic declared for full-frame and joined Sigma and Leica in the L-mount alliance, that the company had lost interest in the Micro Four Thirds cameras that brought it to the dance. 

The Panasonic GH5S, in particular, found enormous success with filmmakers, videographers and vloggers alike. It benefits from the lightweight form factor and compact lenses made possible by the Micro Four Thirds format – and, more importantly, the enormous ecosystem of cheap and capable optics enjoyed by the open-source mount. 

So the prospect of losing all that to the Panasonic S1H – no doubt far more powerful, but also much larger and with one of the most expensive lens line-ups in the business – was a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, then, Panasonic has assuaged our fears.

"Based on the particular use case, these two formats will co-exist," Yamane added. And of course, he would love it if the S1H proves as popular as the GH5. "We're going to be very happy if S1H outsells the GH!"

• Last week, Panasonic launched a new Micro Four Thirds lens, the Leica DG Summilux 25mm / F1.4 II ASPH.

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