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Is Apple answering our prayers? SD and USB-A returning to MacBook Pro?

Apple MacBook Pro 2021
(Image credit: Apple)

Over the past decade or so, Apple seems to have been gradually reducing the number and variety of ports offered on its laptops. However, it seems that users frustrated with expensive dongles that still don't provide enough ports could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently, the upcoming MacBook Pro is set to come with a number of different ports, including USB Type A and an SD card slot. 

Interestingly, these new MacBook Pro laptops are also set to have the latest processing chips from Apple. The M1 chip in the MacBook Air has shown incredible performance and could perform even better in a Pro model with better cooling and heat dissipation. 

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As reported by Mac Rumors, the upcoming MacBook Pro models could potentially solve the common dongle problem faced by many users. Currently, many creatives have to resort to using dongles in order to use most external devices, which can create issues in terms of connectivity and reliability. 

Reports also suggest that Apple is set to return to using MagSafe charging cables, which were very popular due to the safety features. The benefit of MagSafe was that if someone accidentally tripped on the charging cable, the magnet holding it in place on the MacBook would detach without causing damage to the device. Later models had this feature removed, but rumors suggest that Apple may be returning to this technology in upcoming models. 

If Apple does produce a laptop with a greater number of ports and with its A1 chip proprietary processor, we could be about to see some of the best laptops ever produced hit the market. 

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