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How to get Luminar AI for just $69/ £49

(Image credit: Skylum)

Luminar AI is a fantastic piece of photo editing software, offering users the ability to instantly transform their images with its artificial intelligence-powered tools. If you're interested in investing in the software, but you're looking for the best price, then you're in luck. We're going to show you how you can download Luminar AI for just $69/ £49.

Luminar AI deal

Luminar AI | Now $69/ £49 | Use code DCW21
Save $10/ £10
with our code! To take Luminar AI down from $99/ £79 to $69/ £49, you simply need to choose "one seat" rather than "two seats" and input the code DCW21 to save oodles of cash on this great piece of software.View Deal

When you first go through to pay for Luminar AI, you'll automatically be put onto the "two seats" option. This means that you'll be able to use Luminar AI on two computers. However, if you're only interested in using the software on one computer, then we'd recommend switching to "one seat". This simple change will save you $10/ £10! See the image below for where the one seat/ two seat button is located.


(Image credit: Skylum)

After you've switched to "one seat", you can save another $10/ £10 by using our exclusive code DCW21 to save even more money. 

Luminar AI has plenty of exciting features, including sky replacements, the ability to add mist and a range of stylish Templates to enhance the colors and tones in your images. Skylum has even recently released a new Luminar AI update that includes sky reflections and Texture and Template improvements. 

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