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EE big bonus SIM only data deal gives you a whopping 100GB a month for just £20

ee sim only deal
(Image credit: EE)

We have  seen some great SIM only deals recently. And that is a great thing if you are using your phone more for streaming and such during lockdown – or find yourself now working at home. But we think this big data deal from EE could be just the thing that some people have been waiting for... a data-generous offer that should ensure that you never run out of your month download allowance again. 

The sweetener here is that you not only get 100GB of data a month as well as a bottomless brunch of calls and texts for £20 - but there are some tasty entertainment add-ons to. You choose the add-ons you want... but with the footie just starting up again, three months of free BT Sport access sounds just the Premiere ticket. Alternatively, how about six months access to BritBox's of classic TV entertainment. Or, if you prefer, six months humming along to free access to Apple Music.

The EE SIM currently gives you mighty 100GB data allowance – with unlimited mins and texts –which you can use anywhere in the EU at no extra cost. And the cost is just £20 a month, with a contract period of 24 months. This deal is set to run until 30 June.

EE 60GB Sim Only deal for £20/month
This SIM only promo deal gives you 100GB of data for £20 a month, and you get free texts and calls too. Your allowance can be used anywhere in the EU with no extra charge.
UK deal. Ends 30 June.
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The free entertainment extras are bolt-ons - so you choose the ones that you want. But each has a free trial, so you choose the ones that you fancy – and as they are cancel-anytime extras, if you plan it right they need not cost you a penny. BritBox would normally cost £9.99, but you get six months for nada. Apple Music has a six month free trial, but if you don't cancel will then cost £9.99 a month. And BT Sport is free for three months (worth £45).

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