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Could Sigma lenses be coming to the Fujifilm X mount in 2021?

Fujifilm X mount
(Image credit: Sigma / Fujifilm)

If you're a Fujifilm X mount user, then you may have often wondered why third party lens manufacturers, such as Sigma or Tamron, don't offer X mount lenses. However, this isn't due to a lack of interest from these third parties. Instead, this gap in the market comes from Fujifilm historically declining to disclose their X mount protocols, preferring instead to only allow their customers to choose from their own range of X mount lenses.

While Fujifilm does admittedly offer a wide range of X mount lenses, this means that photographers have missed out on some fantastic third party lenses, such as the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN or the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN. 

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While we understand a camera manufacturer preferring their customers stick with native glass, rather than straying into third party territories, some may consider it a little short-sighted. Giving consumers a wider array of glass options might mean that they may be more likely to stick with the mount – especially since third party glass can often be cheaper (and more accessible) than native lenses.

However, it seems that change may be in the air. Earlier this year in April, Fujifilm manager Toshihisa Iida confirmed that Fujifilm was opening up X mount to third party lens manufacturers, saying "many customers want more lenses, and we want to satisfy that need." 

We then hadn't heard anything else on the matter since – until now. Rumor website Fuji Rumors has reported that a reader wrote to Sigma about the possibility of X mount Sigma DC DN lenses. Sigma then answered publicly on its official social media channels, stating, "hopefully we'll see such in 2021."

While 'hopefully' isn't exactly a definitive statement, it's definitely encouraging. We're crossing our fingers that we'll see at least one Sigma DC DN lens for Fujifilm X mount in the upcoming year.

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