Color Confidence shows us BenQ SW321C, GrafiLite 2 lamp & X-Rite i1Display Pro

Color Confidence swung by The Photography Show's Burst Mode studio to show us some of the gear they're particularly excited by at the moment. First up is the new BenQ SW321C Pro 32in IPS monitor. This was announced earlier this year, but we finally got a chance to see it in the flesh. The SW321C is a 32" photographer monitor that also comes with a detachable shading hood designed to reduce the monitor's screen glare from ambient lighting for accurate color representation.

The BenQ SW321C monitor has a 99% Adobe RGB color space and is 4K with IPS Technology. It also has a 16-bit LUT (look-up table) that helps to improve RGB blending accuracy. 

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Usefully, the SW321C can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, which is helpful for photographers and videographers who need the ability to work flexibly. It has a variety of input ports, including two HDMI ports. However, it also has a USB-C port, which means you can easily plug laptops into the monitor as well as traditional desktop computers. 

However, it wasn't only the BenQ SW321C that Color Confidence brought to the Burst Mode studio. The GrafiLite-2 LED desktop color assessment lamp is the perfect complementary partner to the SW321C. This lamp allows you to view prints and color swatches in standardized lighting conditions, which means you can ensure you're setting a screen to print match. 

Available at three color temperature settings (natural daylight, store light and home light), the GrafiLite-2 lamp is powered by professional quality CRI 95+ LED ClearSun Technology. The lamp also comes with a neutral grey viewing mat.

Not only is the lamp perfect for viewing prints, it's also a SAD light, which is capable of lifting the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

The last exciting product that Color Confidence showed us was the X-Rite i1 Display range for color calibration, including the i1 Display Studio, i1 Display Pro and the i1 Display Pro Plus. Not only can these devices calibrate ordinary monitors, they can also calibrate laptops, projectors and even your mobile device.

Calibrating all of your screens means that you never have to worry about your colors being inaccurate – instead you can focus on expanding your creativity. The X-Rite i1 Display Studio includes an i1 colorimeter and i1Studio software, which walks you through the entire calibration process.

Meanwhile the X-Rite i1Display Pro features X-Rite's next-generation i1Profiler software, which has an advanced mode that allows you to define specific options for a custom profile. If you're working with high-end super bright monitors, then you might want to look at the X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus, which has a colorimeter that measures up to 2,000 nits for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy. 

Find out more information in the video above or at the Color Confidence website.

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