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Cinema lenses coming at last for Canon RF mount

Canon EOS C70
(Image credit: James Artaius / Digital Camera World)

Some eight months after the launch of Canon's super 35mm RF-mount EOS C70 cinema camera, the company looks set to produce its own native range of Canon RF cinema lenses.

A range of eight Canon RF cinema lenses looks likely to be released, each a fast prime ranging from 14mm T/1.5 to RF 135mm T/1.5 and likely with the same characteristics as the existing Sumire line of Canon prime cinema lenses for PL and EF mounts.

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With the release of this new range of Canon RF cinema lenses users of the Canon EOS C70 or R-mount mirrorless cameras such as the Canon EOS R6 seeking a higher quality cinematic look for their filmmaking will have access to dedicated range of cinema lenses for the Canon EOS RF system. It is an announcement that Canon EOS C70 owners might think is overdue.

Until now cinema-quality video for the Canon RF system has only really been available with third-party geared manual prime lenses such as Meike 85mm T/2.1 or via the use of the Canon R to EF lens mount adapter/speed booster to access Canon's fine cine lens range. However, the extra length and weight of an adapter can be a real hindrance for run-and-gun filmmakers.

The full range of the new Canon RF cinema lenses is believed to be as follows:

• RF 14mm T/1.5

• RF 18mm T/1.5

• RF 24mm T/1.3

• RF 35mm T/1.3

• RF 50mm T/1.3

• RF 85mm T/1.3

• RF 100mm T/1.5

• RF 135mm T/1.5

According to Canon Rumors, as well as this first batch of Canon RF cinema lenses, we can expect three new Cinema EOS cameras to be announced, as well as two Canon RF mount compact zooms and two larger zooms.

Two of the proposed cinema cameras, the Cinema EOS C300s and Cinema EOS C500s, will shoot in 8K, while the third, the Cinema EOS C700DR, is rumored to have 20+ stops of dynamic range.

With the US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show rescheduled for October now, it seems likely that Canon would launch its new cinema lenses and cameras in time for this event.

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